Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 87: "Diligence is the mother of good luck." Benjamin Franklin

Well I would say this week was excellent for us. I would say Thursday and Sunday were the best days this week. Thursday I went on exchange with Elder Randall that went very well. That day we were so lucky and ran into some new people. We contacted a family of 5 and we hope to baptize them by the end of this transfer. Elder Randall is a good missionary and he loves missionary work. The first time we went on exchange was back in Oda and I got a gnarley sunburn on my body; it was crazy. So on Sunday we were able to go out with a member and do some contacting and get to know our area a little bit better. We have been contacting quite a bit this week. On Thursday we also contacted 3 other people and hope to turn them into new investigator. On Tuesday and Wednesday we were able to meet with some of our investigators but some of them are so busy. After church on Sunday we split so we could teach some of them. As you can see we have been pretty busy this week haha. We are hoping to have quite a few investigators this next week.

Well as a district I feel like we did well this week. Abeka and Akweteman found more people this week than last week and were able to get more at Sacrament. Tesano is holding it down. They have a couple of people they are preparing for baptism very soon. I'm surprised about how strong Reeves is still going even though he goes home soon. My prayer is that all of us can endure to the end just as he is. I love Elder Reeve. He is a great missionary. Sister Tarue (the new sister from Liberia) is doing great. She contributed in district meeting and shares her thoughts and experiences. I know the sisters are working hard. Here in Alajo we are trying to help people with marriage problems and some other problems. Well sadly I won't be on mission to see an investigator named Priscilla get baptized because they are planning on doing the knocking (a way that both parents acknowledge the couple can be married, a requirement for baptism) in December. We have been working with her for a long time now. And another family we are working with as I have said before the man is married to 2 wives. The mom and the daughter come to church, but the husband can't seem to stick to one, so we are on that. Other than these minor setbacks Alajo is looking good! 7 baptismal dates and 6 people at Sacrament along with 5 new investigators this week, sadly I won't be in the area to see these people get baptized. But all that matters is I'm preparing people to baptize!

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