Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 88: Another Week Down

My friend didn't want a picture taken.

Well, I guess you could say this week was a good week. I'm just kind of going with the flow, keeping my head down and trying to do my things, oh and the Lord's thing. I was evaluating myself and came to the conclusion that's it's crazy how Christlike I am becoming. Then me being the person I am, and everyone who knows me back home should know that I then asked myself how much Christlike is too much Christlike?  Then I thought about this for like 10 minutes. I'm not sure if Christ ever asked himself "How much love is too much?" but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong lol. It was this moment I realized how much more I need grow and become even more Christlike lol. Never get too comfortable. 

Me and my Homie Prince

President and Sister Simpson came to my district meeting this week. Last week the district had a really good week. We are all working hard achieving great things and we have the potential to even greater things. To be honest, I always tell them we can work harder haha. Well I'm happy because President said that this district was one of the best in the mission. When we were reporting on our areas apparently out a Sacrament attendance is the best he has seen. And of course I have been hitting the standard of excellence for weeks now in all indicators so he couldn't be more happy. I gave instruction and I was a little nervous because I felt like I was being graded or something lol. But it went well.

Well I had 3 baptismal interviews and an exchange with the zone leaders this week so this week was very busy for me.

Speaking of the exchange with the zone leaders...It was pretty interesting but in a good way. So the zone leaders' area is the home to the President. Apparently last time they passed there they left a restoration pamphlet and a Book of Mormon. So we went by there to make sure the President got it. But the police were sure and we enjoying talking and having fun with the police people lol. Well we went to our first appointment that day and she had a visitor so we tried to contact the guy who was visiting and he says that he has a church so he doesn't need to hear from us (generally people are more prideful here in Accra). Well then you know how missionaries do their thing. We were explaining our purpose and stuff and they told us we need to catch the people who don't know Jesus Christ and teach them. Well we opened up the Bible and we explained that even Peter was the closest to Jesus Christ and he was still learning and growing and everyone deserves the light and knowledge this restored gospel brings. Then the woman was like "I know Jesus Christ more than Peter." Me and Elderedge couldn't help but to laugh a little. We just set another appointment and contacted more people. But that was an interesting little encounter. Lol. Well that same day an appointment fell through. So we went to Stake President's house to discuss about the area plan for West Africa. Well this was a little fun. The Stake President knew me but his wife didn't. So I was introducing myself to the family and vice versa and literally the Stake President's wife knew me and Eldredge were almost done so she was trying to give us her daughters. It was crazy. Me and Eldredge literally were just confused. The Stake President just started speaking to the wife in French so we couldn't understand. So we began the discussion. Oh man I'm still laughing about it. But we had some bomb Ivorian food.

Well everything is good here in Alajo except the water continues to be a problem here. It's going to make me go crazy The water just comes and goes as it pleases. What bothers me the most is after a long day of work everyone likes to come home and shower right? Well here in Alajo you may not get the chance. Well I mean I guess we can look at it on the bright side. At least I have my ghetto fan lol. Can't wait for the luxuries we have back home like A/C and constant running water lol.

Found at the Zone Leaders' apartment

Well my mood has been really good this week despite all the challenges I constantly am facing lol. But life is good here. I'm really enjoying the mission and the experiences I'm having. There aren't very many people who get to experience what I'm experiencing, many different cultures and foods. It's awesome! 

Found on a random door

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