Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 84: Ramadan is Lit!

well shout out to all the Muslims all around the world who are ending their fast today. Today has been lit for real. You guys know how to party haha. Muslims are some of the greatest and nicest people i have ever met. I love them all! 

Shout out to Elder Hon and Elder Skog for putting together a party for me on Wednesday. It was awesome and a good way to spend my last one in Ghana!

Well I don't feel like typing a lot but I was teaching investigators class again and I just continued with the Gifts of the Spirit and we started discussing about the Spirit as far as answering prayers and stuff and Sister Hawah was a part of that class because she is a recent convert still and she shared an experience about how she received an answer through the Spirit that the church is true and she also shared that, that very morning she had received an answer to her question she asked. She is a wonderful woman. I am so happy I got the chance to baptize her and now her daughter is about to be baptized this Saturday as well. I'm so happy for that family!

Well I usually don't talk about how the missionary work in this area is going because I don't want to sound prideful or anything but we are doing so well---so well that we are starting to feel overwhelmed. The ward has seen more baptisms than they have ever seen and my area is one of the best in the zone. We are also having another baptism this Saturday. I am very proud of the work I'm doing. Literally we have the zone leaders and AP's always at our district meetings trying to learn from us and how we are doing so well. Last week we had 7 investigators at Sacrament Meeting. President told me it was one of the highest in the whole mission. With this success we have been having we have been able to help others in various areas! 

I am beyond grateful for this divine work and I guess this week I'm going to be a little proud of my work, I am doing so much for Alajo. Sorry to say these things this week my haters are gonna hate me for this. 😂

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