Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 83: Happy Birthday to Me! And Baptizing Like Alma! 😂

Shout out to Dad and Seth for celebrating their birthdays this weekend. Seth is turning 17 years old and Dad is turning 21. Shoutout to my parents for also getting married 21 years ago today. Y'all are the real MVP's and shout out to me for turning 20 Wednesday. Wow the shouting out is a lot today. Happy Father's Day to Dad---shout out to him again. I wouldn't want anyone else as a father. I love you and you work hard so that we can all be happy. I'm grateful for that! Shout out to Elder Munro and Sister Munro for getting me some cake and inviting us to their house to eat some awesome food.

From his birthday cake celebration--Guess by the shirts which missionaries have been out longer?

Alright well positive notes about the week. We had a baptism this week on Saturday. Everything went well and Brother Samuel Kumi was confirmed on Sunday. This guy is a good looking member already and I feel like he will bless Alajo Ward. We are now working on the wife and the son to be baptized soon! Not sure if the wife will progress because the lack of English but we will do all we can! We contacted a guy from South Africa a while ago and put him in the Area Book under potential investigators and we contacted him this week. We have an appointment set for Tuesday. I explained my purpose a little bit on the phone so he understood why we are meeting and had a good discussion. We think he will be baptized soon. For upcoming baptisms we are working for the 1st of July for Dorcas And another man named Samuel Sosu. Dorcas is Sister Hawah's daughter who gave us quite a difficult time. But finally we will be able to baptize her!

So on Sunday we were about to start investigator's class and nobody was there to teach so our ward mission leader comes up to me and says you are taking the class haha. He doesn't even give me the choice haha. But I did it, and I was glad I did it because honestly I had been wanting to teach a topic that people always skip. So on Sunday I taught about the Gifts of the Spirit in Chapter 22 of the Gospel Essentials Book. Now Ghana does not understand this very well and as missionaries here in Ghana we always have to clear up misconceptions about healing and the gift of tongues. Everything else is easy for them to understand and accept. They think gift of tongues is when they start saying gibberish and make noise. But we explained that it has to do with languages you can understand. So I start speaking in Twi in the class and then follow up with "this is the gift of tongues" and everyone understood haha. Oh the struggles. What some people will never understand in this world is Satan can actually imitate these gifts. People here in Ghana see this "healing" taking place every day which makes our talk about the priesthood power a hard one 😂. But yeah I don't want to sound like I'm complaining because I'm not. But you can never get too comfortable with your wisdom and knowledge of scriptures. When it comes to God and the Bible people know these very well and if you don't know your stuff and have the Spirit with you, you will be confounded and no missionary likes that 😂. Ghana is great honestly.

Well on a more negative note I have the flu and I'm battling that so that's making the work hard 😂. But all will be good. Playing basketball today really helped me feel better. Man I'm a beast at basketball now. Practice makes perfect I guess haha. But yeah I don't really lose anymore 😂. This week should be good. On Wednesday, on my birthday we are going to go get some pizza so I'm a happy camper right now! 

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