Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 79: White Girls, Proud Father, Temple, and Transfers

Well I guess maybe this email is going to be less serious than usual and honestly I hate that habit. But I'm just having a good time here and a lot of funny things happen to me. Well of course a new transfer starts tomorrow and I'll be getting a new companion. My companion is going to Nigeria. He has been reassigned. Well I guess you can say I'm back to normal here in Ghana. My new companion is Elder Nagbe from Liberia. He will be my first companion from Liberia. I have already spoken to him several times and we are ready to work with each other. The reason why I said I am a proud father is because my son, Elder Bangura, is going to whitewash an area (2 missionaries open a new area) in Achimota and you have to have a lot of trust from president to go and whitewash. I am very proud of him and the work he is doing. Man, right now as I'm writing his Elder Songo has left to the mission office and it is really sad because i don't know if I will ever see him again. But I am thankful for him and all the things he did for me. He helped me so much. Being with him has been such a great learning experience.

Text From Elder Bawden

Well TBH I know why most of you are reading this letter...You saw white girls in the subject well let's just say. I FORGOT HOW TO TALK TO WHITE PEOPLE. And it didn't help that they were my age and from America.... Man I need help. I learned one thing on Thursday and that is I have no idea how to talk to white people anymore. Everyone who knows me here knows that I talk a lot but when it comes to white people I get confused, and that's already bad considering I'm not good talking to girls anyway SMH. Anyways people came from BYUI. They are doing something for a class and were staying in Ghana for a couple of weeks so that's dope.

Recreation of a pic from a year ago

This is what I eat

My fancy phone
Well I went to the temple twice this week. The first session I went to on Tuesday went by so slow hahaha. There were so many missionaries going through for the first time. It was interesting to watch them. They were all so confused haha. But what was interesting is that the session was done in French. So I had to wear this headset that would translate to English for me. It was a pain doing everything with a giant headset on. But we got through. Obviously when I went on Thursday it went by a lot faster. I went with other missionaries whose companions were going to do visa stuff. Well the temple felt so good to be in. I really felt the presence of God and I really felt His love for me. I also felt cold because of the a/c lol

Elder Ngoy's Last Day

This is Accra

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