Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 77: Body of an Old Man

I just thought I would let everyone know that I have 6 months left and my release date is November 7th. Time is flying!

You know the work is really the same. We haven't set any new baptismal dates yet but there are some coming and I'll update you all. 

Now I thought I would share something that really stood out to me in our zone conferences this week. Well usually we have two parts to the meetings. In the first one we learn from the assistants to the mission president and then the second part we listen to President Simpson and Sister Simpson. Now of course the second part is my favorite. But we first talked about the Widow's Mite and talked about the way we're spending money and stuff and I feel like it really connected and made sense. He said that the money we receive every month comes from the people who are well off and pay their 10 percent. But also we have people who are giving all just like the widow and these funds are sacred. Now this stood out to me because I'm not perfect at all with spending money. To have small things like peanut butter or some other small privileges like that it costs a ton of money. I don't even remember the last time I had pizza or KFC buying it on my own...It's definitely hard sometimes because we do get sick of the food sometimes. But even though we love the small things like that we really don't need it and we could use the money better. 

But I mean if anyone is actually reading this right now...First of all shout out to you and second of all I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind taking donations for a starving white boy in Africa (me) :) But on a serious note, the money that the church gives us it should be used the right way. We also talked about integrity. Now in the mission there is a problem with this. What are we doing when nobody is watching? Are we still acting the same when we aren't wearing our tag at the end of the day? Right now focus is a weakness in this mission. It is easy to get discouraged and think that you don't want to go out and waste your time under the sun and stuff and yeah it happens to everyone. If someone said they never have had problems like this they are either one of two things 1: lying or 2: Jesus Christ himself and we know 2 is not a option right now. But I thought it was interesting how we talked about this and I know that it strengthened a lot of people that day. 

Well I thought I would lighten everyone's mood today because that's just who I am. Today was basketball day. You know all we do is win and stuff. Well my teammates were giving me a hard time that I don't move quick enough or I don't look like I try hard enough. So I was out to prove them wrong haha. So there was this one game we were going against some people from Accra mission and these guys literally play like it's life or death. Anyway, I wanted to try so I got the ball passed to me and I waited and like 3 people like to then rush me. So this time I wanted to wait and make a move. So next thing you know this 4 foot nothing elder from Accra comes out of nowhere and I just did a spin move and drove to the basket... Now this is where it gets funny. First of all I took 3 steps on accident. Second of all I missed the lay up and third of all I hurt my back and knees doing the move.... Oh man I need to stretch before these games haha. I promise I can play basketball. Just ask Elder Hon. I'm always stuffing him and blocking his shots haha. Fun stuff.

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