Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 76: Bouncing Back

Elders Reeves, Skog, McFarland, and Hon

Everyone read Alma Chapter 5 in the Book of Mormon and I hope it can give you strength this week!

Well let's just say Malaria is nothing to joke around with man and the sad part about it is not a lot of people have the money to try help themselves to not get it. So when they do get it, it is sad.

Elders Reeves, Hunt, and McFarland

Well not a lot happened this week. I don't really know what to say. I was sick a lot of the week. Interviews with President happened this week and it went well. I always cut into other missionaries time because me and President can talk and when I say that it takes about an hour before we are done. But I'm glad he is my President. He helps me a lot.

Making Banku--pounding corn and cassava together

Well I got a letter from Elder Ferrin, my second companion, and it had some good stuff inside.  It pretty much talked about how he was reading my emails and how he has seen such a growth from me and how he knew I would be a great leader in the mission and stuff. It just something I needed to help me get out of my slump.

Well something I haven't really done as much as I should in my mission is fast for the work. My companion and I feel that we may be hitting a dead end soon and honestly I just want to stay busy and finish strong. So we had a really effective PEC meeting on Sunday and we talked about the work and explained the problem and stuff and they made goals to help us. Now on Sunday someone came to church who is really interested in the Gospel. Apparently he has come before. He will be a focus. There is another guy named Samuel. We will also be preparing for baptism in the future. We have not set a date but we will tomorrow. Also we are planning to contact a referral on Wednesday which I'm excited about because they almost always get baptized. Bishop has also told us to work with certain people who are having Law of Chastity problems that other missionaries gave up on. So if we work with these people there is also a chance that they could be baptized. I still think we need to be a little bit more busy. But this along with our other people we are working with. we should be good for now. 

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