Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 73: IDEK

Well, we had an interesting start to the week. So you are not going to believe this. There is this one guy who stayed in my last area but works here in Alajo. So we talk to him and BTW this guy has been to America before. So he kinda has this gangster look to him. So I guess we had a lot in common. But it was kinda weird that this time he opened up to us about getting deported from America because his Visa time was up and it just so happened that he caught caught in a mess in which I'm not going to give details at this time. But they found out and boom he is back in Ghana.... Soooo he said since America won't let him back in he is just going to go to Canada. He said to me "Pray for me so those G's in the embassy don't start trippin"..Such a weird talk and then he ended by saying I love America and I love you. I'm like okay love you too cuz. What else will I say?  Haha I'm not one of those fake people that will say OK thanks. Then after we went our separate ways he turned around and yelled "Yo homie how you like Ghana?".... Oh the joy of Ghana. 

Well it wasn't short after that, that we would witness something else. So we were walking to the church to meet an investigator and literally some girl runs towards us who I have never seen before and says " I'm celebrating my birthday and I want to give you guys something." I'm like sweet. It is kinda weird because usually the members don't do this stuff for us hahaha. She came back with some juice which I still don't know what it was. But it was really good. My companion didn't trust it and threw it out but I am a savage so "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." - Kelly clarkson 

I taught district meeting again this week. Teaching has just been kinda something I like doing. Usually I don't like giving talks or teaching. But I have kinda developed these and have kinda been forced to like it to the point I just like doing it.

Sister Missionaries Cooked Us Food

Well something happened this week that kinda touched me. We went to visit Sister Hawah for the first time since she was baptized and confirmed and believe it or not she had a lot to say to us and not anything bad either. So this woman was talking about how much her life has changed since taking discussions and being baptized especially after being baptized. She was telling us how her health is improving, how she has more energy to cook and to clean and even fetch water which is really hard. I was sitting there speechless. Then she said that food has never been a problem for them since they have started lessons. Even somebody came and brought her like 10 pounds of rice and gave it to her for free.  Honestly one cannot just sit back and think all of this is coincidental. I truly believe and promise every single person I teach that living this gospel improves lives. God blesses His children and he loves everyone of us. All I'm saying is that my whole perspective has changed since coming here and I can literally watch people's lives become better because of the gospel and it is such a testimony builder to me honestly. To be honest, I have the best mission ever.

Well we learned on Sunday that there is a youth in the ward that has not been baptized yet. So pretty much we have to add her to the 3 others we are baptizing on the 22nd. So sad we couldn't make the baptism on Easter Sunday. But oh well the baptism will happen regardless. Let's just say I have a ton of stuff to do this week to prepare the 4 for baptismal interviews... Pray for me haha.

That is pretty much my week in a nutshell. I just finished balling today. We won so much I don't even remember what our record was. My ball skills are getting better. I just want everyone to pray for me haha.

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