Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 72: "Learn to love being and remaining worthy" - Elder Bednar

Well, as you get old on mission there is not much to really talk about. I mean, I will try though. Nothing new with me this week really. Our apartment still doesn't have running water. They are still working on that. I got a package from my parents because they love me and because they are dope. Oh and BTW I scared my companion so good this week haha. I'm that way. I love to mess with people TBH. 

We were in district meeting this week and we were reporting for the week and me and my companion stood up and started reporting for the week and someone made a comment that we look like David and Goliath. We all started laughing. 

By the way, my whole family is guilty of making fun of dad loving sardines. Just a confession to my family and especially my father...I eat sardines almost every day now and think they are the best things in the world. Besides, they are cheap here and an easy form of protein. Sorry dad, I'm a little bit of a hypocrite haha haha.

In terms of the work, there is nothing really new happening and honestly I didn't have any new experiences this week. Well we know for sure,1 will be ready on the 16th for baptism----the mother of the family. But these 18 year old twins are a pain in the butt. But we will continue to work on them! 

As far as the mission goes, this last month we have been focusing on Chapter 4 in Preach my Gospel where it talks about then Spirit. I have to give another district meeting instruction this week so wish me luck haha. It will be interesting because this will be the biggest district meeting I have taught haha.

Many of you probably have been wondering if I saw conference and the answer is yes I saw some. What really touched me was Elder Bednar's talk in Priesthood Session about missionaries. I think that I loved it so much because I am one right now. I think the overall idea is that us missionaries are called to serve. We are not called to a place. which was interesting that he said that because I have had companions struggling with visa stuff. When he started talking about preparing I automatically thought about Seth and praying that he was paying attention to it. 
I also liked President Monson's talk about charity. The scriptures he quoted are a part of our recitations that we repeat every meeting. So I have come to love and understand those scriptures and understood his talk. I just enjoyed all of Priesthood Session. I thought the theme was serving and it was just great. Something interesting that I have noticed is that as you get older, conference gets better and the time gets shorter. I always dreaded watching Sunday sessions back home and now I can watch all of them without a problem.

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