Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 70: Baptism!

Wow the baptism was successful this week. I was not expecting it to go as well. I mean we did have a problem with getting baptismal clothes but that is a long story. Long story short--we were able to solve the problem and Abieku was baptized and then confirmed on Sunday

You can tell that it has been a while since this place has had a baptism considering the water was so green and stuff. Someone forgot to wash the font... Fake. But this guy is awesome. He bore a powerful testimony after his baptism telling everyone that he is grateful that he made this decision to be baptized and also grateful that he even took the step of faith and trying to figure out the truth. He said that this is the only true church. He also is now trying to get his parents to join the church who, at first were trying to get him not to be baptized because of rumors they had heard about the church. But as soon as he invited them to actually read the Book of Mormon they told him that it actually is indeed a good church. Even though he is an adult he still thought it was best that they said it was okay before he was baptized. Well after he was confirmed, he came and sat back down by me in the congregation and said "Wow l feel different, like a good different." It is nice to see people recognize the Holy Ghost. I can literally witness it first hand.

Elder Fryar and I

Speaking of baptisms, Sister Hawa is hopefully still good to baptize this Saturday at 5. She came to church again on Sunday. She is such a awesome woman. She has a daughter that is like 18 that has been coming with her and she seems to enjoy the church. She sometimes even explains to her mom what is being taught. It is great. She will be baptized later this month.  

Okay so something amazingly crazy happened this week and BTW no I didn't get bit by a kid or anything funny like that. But we got a call from our bishop and he says that an investigator is sick and that we need to go and give her a blessing. Neither me or Kondo know this woman for some reason. But we go anyway. So we got there and last minute Bishop was like "Elder McFarland, can you give her a blessing for us" I'm thinking like.... I haven't even gotten to know this woman yet. How will I give her blessing? Well, I'm not one to turn down my leaders. So I was like "yeah I got you." So we all laid our  hands on her head and literally I instantly knew this woman and her struggles and stuff. Like is this even normal or am I just trippin? I don't think I'm trippin. I ate normal food that day but I'm like dang the power of the priesthood is true you guys. That's all I have to say. I also recall her saying something along the lines of that was exactly what I needed to hear. Even though she spoke mostly Twi she was able to understand like 100 percent of what I said which is another miracle. This type of experience has never happened to me before. That day I realized how powerful the power really is. Idk what else to say.

Nastiest Thing Ever!

So Sunday was a good day. I would say after church we went to go eat some Fufu over at our investigators house who is pretty much a member. But we are having problems with the husband understanding that HE CANNOT HAVE 2 WIVES. That to be honest he needs to split with one and stick to the other. Their whole family is being held back from being baptized because of this. Just pray for us. My job is hard haha. Anyway, that's beside the point. When we got to their house, the sister of our investigator was there. Well first she didn't want anything to do with what we had to share. So we were just having a casual conversation that turned into a gospel discussion. See what I did there? But honestly I make myself sound more slick than I really am. But a ton of questions kept coming our way and boom she's hooked and pretty much she is excited to come and visit us. Man we are blessed.

View from Apartment

Well idk what I'm gunna do but my companion is leaving for the MTC. Pretty much I wish I knew this area a little more than I do right now. I guess that is what happens when you are told to learn one of the biggest areas in the mission in 3 weeks. Well there are some good things coming. By that I mean baptisms yeah more baptisms... Haha what's going on when I came to this area..It was kinda dead. But somehow we are turning it around a little. This area has a ton of potential honestly and I'm excited for more hahaha.

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