Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 69: The Work Continues On

Well this week was a little awkward for me. Something is wrong with me haha and I'm kinda too embarrassed to tell people what happened. But let us just say that I haven't been able to work as much as I wanted to this week and for some reason like the whole ward figured out and a ton flooded me at church haha. It was funny.

Well I totally witnessed the power of the Priesthood on Sunday. All the elders were there so I just asked for a blessing because I was hurting pretty bad and as soon as the blessing was over the pain reduced so much. I was soooo surprised it happened so quickly. This is why we all need the priesthood in our lives.

Well the reason for my title of my email is the work is literally going strong still. Sorry Satan you took a loss! Homie: 1 Satan: 0. But on a more serious note, our investigator Abeiku will be baptized next Saturday. We were able to teach the commandments to him this week along with going over the baptismal interview questions and also filling out the baptismal record--kinda stressful if you ask me. But the interview went well and the baptism is supposed to happen if all goes well. Also our super serious investigator named Hawah finally accepted her date for the 25th. She came to church again this week and is progressing pretty well. This ward has not seen a baptism in a while and Kondo and I already have 2 coming up. I'm so excited for these great people and I'm grateful for this work I am engaged in and I know it is of God and my calling truly is a divine calling.

Well I was sitting in church yesterday and it totally hit me how awesome my mission is. I'm so blessed. I love Ghana. I love this place and the people here. I love all the experiences I have had and I love all the people I have met. My time is kinda winding now and was reflecting on the big things I have learned here in Ghana. I know the reason I was sent here. I was sent here to be humbled and I feel that for the most part it is working. Of course I'm not perfect and some pride sometimes comes back. But that's a normal thing. But I would say that I have a different look on life now. I have served around people who have had next to nothing. I have taught people who have sacrificed so much to give us some small food when they have a hard enough time feeding their own families, I have served with companions who don't have much, who come from poor families who love the Gospel. I have lived in apartments with no running water. I have experienced light off. I have met so many people who have so little but have such great faith. You know what I have learned? I have learned that life is not always about the money or the things you have. It's about the faith you have and the good things you do and about the person God wants you to become. I have learned that little sacrifice can be the means of bringing blessings in someone's life. You know I feel like we quote the scripture "Seek ye first the kingdom and all things shall be added unto you." This doesn't mean we will be rich. But the Lord will give is what He knows we need and people here in Ghana are so content with the small things. If they just have enough money for their family they are totally fine and thank God. I have learned a lot from these people and truly it is something I will remember for the rest of my life. And honestly I think coming to Africa for a mission is the best experience in the world.

The Munro's invited us over on Sunday and we enjoyed some grilled cheese sandwiches and a bunch of other things. They are awesome people and they are so fun to be with. 

Rice in a bag---just how I like it


From an excerpt from an email from a Senior Missionary Couple there:

After Church we invited the Elders who serve in Tesano and Alajo over for Toasted Sandwich Sunday Lunch. They got busy setting the table, cutting tomatoes and buttering the bread. It was enjoyable for us to spend time with these great young men. Of course we had to finish off with chocolate pudding!!!!


With love from your favourite Aussies in Africa, 
Elder and Sister Munro

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