Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 66: Nearing the End of Dansoman?

So this week has been a really good week for us. Honestly we have made it a goal to make sure that Daniel our investigator is ready to be baptized next week. He didn't come to church this week though. So we will see how it goes.  I am hoping for the best thing. This guy is awesome and has a ton of faith. He keeps saying he wants to be baptized right now and that he is ready right now. It just makes me happy.  The Lord truly does prepare people for us I have seen it in the 15 months I have been in Ghana. It sure is a blessing to me to be able to serve a mission and witness this.

So I went on exchange with the zone leader this week on Wednesday.  He came to my area and was just telling me how we have the best area in the zone and how for the longest time we have been doing great work here,  I'm also grateful for that.  President also told me in his email last week that some people think Dansoman to be a very hard area but he said I have been having great success here. Honestly no area is hard on mission if you just work. That's the secret to missionary work. My mom sends me an acronym every week L.O.W and it is love, obedience, and work which is a good reminder every week of my purpose here.  I feel the blessings of my work!

So we have this investigator named Armand. He is from DR Congo. He is awesome!  Sadly he will be baptized after I leave this area. Actually a lot of people will be baptized. But that is beside the point. This experience I had this week just testifies to me that the Spirit of the Lord is working through me.  So our investigator brought up a concern. He has been coming to church and taking the missionary lessons. Now of course the person that is taking care of him and giving him a place to stay is saying that he hates this church and that if he continues to come he will be driven out of the house and stuff and that he needs to come to his church not ours. He was scared that he couldn't join the church 💒. But we were calm about the situation and we were able to tell him that you can try and sit down with him and calmly say that the church is the place for you and it is not a bad church and stuff like that. Well long story short he actually was able to exactly do what we said and it worked. He was supposed that it worked because the person that he is staying with is a control freak and wants everything to be done his way. Well after that we had a very powerful lesson.

I was looking through my journal this week and it was when I hit my 3 month mark. I was sad because I didn't celebrate the milestone I hit and I swore that one day when I had a companion who hit his 3 month mark, we will celebrate. That day was Friday, Elder Bangura hit 3 months. We invited the other 4 elders over and Bangura cooked and stuff and we played the card game called Bang. We had a good time!

Honestly you can never have a perfect week on mission. Your mood on mission is like the pride cycle of the book of Mormon. So honestly my time here in Dansoman is coming to an end I can feel it. I have been here for 5 transfers like almost 8 months now. We get our transfer news on Saturday this week. I hope for the best. I am ready to do whatever the Lord wants me to do. This experience I have had to train a new missionary is one that I will never forget. I have learned so much from training. Elder Bangura said something to me this week that I will always remember. It also gave me reassurance that I actually did something for him.  He said that back home he was always around missionaries and knew a lot about the companionships and stuff and it is nothing compared to what he sees me to be now.  He said that I have given him courage and have been a brother to him and that I have helped him so much and he prays that he can have a companion like me for the rest of his mission. You know, when you first come on a mission, you think about home a ton and it will distract you. But we have helped each other to stay away from such thoughts and push the work forward.  

I played basketball today,  it was pretty ugly. I forgot my ankle braces so I couldn't go hard because I didn't want to break my ankles. But we still did good. I also weighed myself today I'm down to about 230. Yeah I have definitely lost so much weight here. I don't know if you will even recognize me when I come home haha. 

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