Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 65: Weekly Email

Me and Hunt

So this week was an interesting week I would say. We had a multi-zone conference this week. We just kinda discussed our insights from the broadcast about what the Spirit taught us. We also had discussions about obedience and the Sabbath Day. We discussed a video made by the church. It is based on the talk President Uchtdorf gave about obedience and stuff. It was a very nice video. We talked about how we need to allow the Lord to rain down his blessings on us and don't let sin or the umbrella make it to where we can't receive the full blessing. I gave an insight about this: I said something along the lines of this...Sometimes when it rains back home, we take out our umbrellas which are used to protect us from the rain. But we still get a little wet where the umbrella drips water off or the wind blows it. The Lord will never withdraw himself completely from us. He is always finding ways to bless us. But if we have our umbrella out we will never receive the full blessing that the Lord has in store for us.

Favorite Meal- Banku and Pepe

Out to Eat with the Ward Mission Leader

Well on a less serious note this week, I went on exchange with Elder Goodrich. Now they pretty much took me to all of his stubborn investigators so that was a very fun day. Yeah sometimes the investigators are funny. So we pull up to this ladies house with our bikes and she is just sitting out in front of a store. Now these people will give all the excuses in the world not to meet with us for example: Oh I'm going out to buy something right now, or oh I need to start cooking right now or something like that. But I heard the funniest excuse to why this woman didn't want to meet with us.... she said "this man is too fat. I don't want him close to me."  Me and Goodrich just started laughing and eventually convinced her to meet with us. Oh that day was full of wonderful surprises. We came home and told Elder Gurr about what happened and he was like "She is like 24 months pregnant. Why is she calling you fat?" Oh like I have said before and I'll say again----Ghana never disappoints. 

Me and Ngoy

So on a more less serious note, I saw some American girls this week on my way home and they were so excited to see another white person in Ghana. What was funny is as soon as I saw them I turned to my companion and said "Companion look! it's white people, let's run." We had the most awkward conversation in the world about the Gospel and my purpose here and stuff. I felt so dumb because I didn't even understand half of what they were saying....oh I have probably forgotten how to talk to white people. I'm afraid to come home after that experience, heaven help me haha.

New Style?

Me and Skog

Me and Goodrich

Well our next baptism and my last one in this area will be on the 25th. If everything goes well Daniel will be baptized on that day. I'm so excited. So everyone who reads this please pray for him that we can make it to that date. We have been very very successful the past couple weeks for our Sacrament Meeting attendance. The past four weeks have been 7,6,4, and 4 this week. I couldn't be any happier with the work we are doing here! Love you all and thank you for the support!

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