Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 67: Another Area, Another Adventure

Found on his bed in the morning--asked him about his Malaria meds--ACK!

I never knew this day would come....  Finally I am leaving Dansoman. I have spent 5 transfers here and they have been some of my greatest times on my mission. I have grown so much while being in this area. I have spent almost 1/3 of my mission here.  I almost have 8 months left and I hope that these can be even more opportunities to learn and to grow further.  Sadly they are whitewashing my area and bringing sisters here again. We needed to bring sisters into this zone and since we are only 2 in our apartment it is the easiest place to put them.  Nobody in the ward was expecting this and they were very very sad.  Our ward mission leader said that we have truly inspired him with the work and have made him feel the easing of this missionary work. The bishopric was very grateful for my efforts in the ward.  I have felt at home in Dansoman. This is the only area that I haven't been dying to get out of.  

With Ward Mission Leader

Elder Bangura (my son) will be continuing his mission at an area called Budaburam. He will be serving near the camp there. I'm so excited for him. I truly have been blessed to train him and to serve with him. I have learned so much. I am literally not going far from Dansoman. I will still enjoy the city small. I'm going to a place called Alajo (Bawden's old area). It is funny. We have just served in each others areas but never together hahaha.  Well my new companion is Elder Kondo from Sierra Leone.  He is supposed to be serving in South Africa but is having visa problems. So he is here.  He has not been to the MTC yet. He has been in the field for 6 weeks. He will go halfway through the transfer I will only be with him for 3 weeks and then I will receive another new missionary from the Philippines. It will be a very busy transfer for me and I'm happy with this new adventure I'm undertaking. Wow I think I made that paragraph sound too dramatic. I'm either not serious with my emails or too dramatic hahaha. 

Well ended this week with a boom. We baptized Daniel I think that is convert number 13. He was so prepared by the Lord--probably the most prepared I have seen on my mission so far. I know that I cannot do this work without the Lord. It is definitely not my work. I give all the credit to the Lord for all the success. He truly has blessed me and truly has given me success. I hope that I can keep this up for the last 8 months. 

Elder Dickson and I

Yo President is a champ tho. I was with him and his wife on Friday and Saturday and they bought us so much Chicken Republic and told us to take the extra and put it in the fridge I have more chicken this week than I have had in the past month combined. Is that bad? Well stuff here is expensive! He is even going to raise our money 40 Cedis just to kinda give you an idea haha.

While we are on the subject of less serious matters literally somebody tried to give me their daughter on Sunday haha. It was kinda awkward. I'm like yeah I'm trying to finish my mission before I make decisions like that about women and stuff and totally said that I have somebody waiting for me back home which is totally not true. But I had to get myself out of that awkward situation.  I feel like I handled it very well cuz this guy was being 110% honest with me. The culture is interesting here. All is well. All I'm saying I think it is a good thing I'm leaving haha.

Well what else do I even say? I mean not much more happened this week besides preparing everything for the sisters. We even deep cleaned the apartment for them, I'm so nice haha. Wow I am really going to miss this place. Packing sucks honestly. I have gotten way too comfortable in this area. Let's just say I'm gonna throw everything in my suitcases and totally throwing everything in a car because I'm going so close. I just hope president doesn't transfer me to the bush for me to finish there. I'll suffer and will have to get rid of half my stuff before my mission ends. I already gave a bunch of stuff to Bangura that I haven't used and stuff so at least that's a start haha. All is well for me right now though just pray that I might have the strength to learn my area in such a short time.  Love you all and thank you for the support.

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