Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 62: Happy 14 Months, But Who's Counting Right?

So I guess this week comes with it's up and downs. I guess Ill start with the downs. This week I found it hard to be patient. I lost my patience too many times this week and I was honestly very unfocused. I don't know what has gotten into me. But I hope for a better week next week.

This week we welcomed a new person to our district--Elder Goodrich. He is from Utah, a very cool guy. We celebrated my 14 months, his 18 months, Gurr's 12 months, and Jorgeson's 6 months this week--a ton of enjoyment this week. I love this district.

Celebrating Our Milestones

So we have learned that there are baptisms that have been counted in this area and not entered into the system. I have figured out those people who are coming to church but not being counted as members. One of them is a small boy named Derrick who was never confirmed a member of the church. The second is another small girl named Princess, which I'm guessing the record is still with the Ward Clerk because they left all 3 copies of the baptismal document with the clerk. The 3rd one who wasn't counted as a member is from Elder Ngoy and I. We baptized 2 people on the date that it is showing, Mary and Ofori. One of them was entered and the other one wasn't and we made the mistake of giving all three sheets at the time to the clerk. So this week we will follow up on that. So even though the first 2 were not mine, I'm still getting pressure from the mission to figure out the problem. I did pretty good with finding the names of people with just a baptism date haha.

So this week we were able to add to our baptismal dates at 5 and also pull 6 at Sacrament Meeting. That is why I am saying that this week had it's ups and downs. Our missionary work went very well but my personal stuff went in the toilet. I guess mission really is a time of improving. I'm grateful.

Me and My Homie

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