Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 63: Adjustments to Schedule and Key Indicators

Daily Schedule

Morning Activities (6:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.)
•Arise (6:30 a.m.)
•Exercise (30 minutes)
•Shower, eat breakfast, prepare for the day
•Plan (30 minutes)
•Personal study (60 minutes)

Daytime Activities (10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
•Companion study and lesson preparation (30–60 minutes)
•First Twelve Weeks training (30 minutes, if applicable)
•Language study (30–60 minutes, if applicable)
•Lunch (30 minutes) and dinner (60 minutes)

Evening Activities (9:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.)
•Return to living quarters (9:00 p.m.)
•Write in journal
•Prepare for bed, and pray
•Retire to bed

In addition to the adjusted schedule there was also announced a reduction in the number of Key Indicators to four, namely :
• Investigators baptized and confirmed;
• Investigators with a baptismal date;
• Investigators who attend sacrament meeting; and
• New investigators. 


So this week has been a better week for me. We were privileged in viewing the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast (the changes are above). We now only report 4 Key Indicators that really focus on the keys, which is great you see in this mission. Missionaries have problems with the numbers, and they lose focus of their purpose. They think their purpose is to achieve the highest numbers possible. This could be good but also be bad as well because they are they focusing on the needs of the investigator to prepare them for baptism or focusing on how many lessons you are teaching them. This is a very nice change. 

This week we were very successful in having people at Sacrament Meeting. We had 7 this week and 6 last week. Things are going well for us in this area so far haha. I think we have finally picked things back up. A couple of priorities right now is to baptize a less active member's daughter. But they won't come to church. We also are working with this investigator named Kate. haha. Honestly, Kate is the most stubborn investigator I have had during my whole mission. She will come to church and allow us to come teach but she refuses to pray about the church, the prophet Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon. But we care about her so  we are trying to figure out her problem.

Things are a lot easier with a ward mission leader around on Sunday. Our recent convert, Elizabeth, was called to be a ward missionary. At our coordination, we had discussed giving her a calling and immediately the ward mission leader went to the bishop and she was called. I am grateful for the work that is going on in Dansoman Ward and I hope it continues. Elizabeth is also being fellow-shipped very well and already has home teachers. This honestly hasn't happened before. 

On Sunday I also gave a talk about missionary work. It went very well actually. I based my talk on ideas for doing missionary work and came up with a list of 9 things members can do to do missionary work. With each if those 9 points came an explanation and a scripture or a quote or a story to back myself up.

This week was a little bit better for me personally. We had interviews with president this week and he gave me a simple counsel, if I'm having a little extra time to read my scriptures. It has worked and I have gained some extra spirituality this week. I am very humbled to be serving in such a wonderful part of the world. I truly am having such a rewarding experience from being here. I am grateful for this sacred calling as a missionary. Thank you all for your support and I pray that I can constantly improve and become a better person. I love you all!


No pics this week.  He couldn't get the card to be read in the computer.  He mentioned that he hasn't felt too well lately.  I think he needs protein!  So we instructed him to purchase some protein and include it in his meals. 

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Melissa B said...

I'd love to know the 9 points members can do. Love and prayers, Aunt Melissa