Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 61: Transfer News and the Week

Well transfer news is here and..... I'm staying for the 5th transfer in Dansoman! I'll spend at least 6 more weeks here haha. I'll finish Bangura's training. This is definitely the most rewarding time of my mission. This transfer truly flew by. The only one leaving our district is Elder Onyemelonu. He is going to a better place called Northridge. Hope for the best! 

I'm thankful I am still in Dansoman another transfer. Honestly. I love this place and if I were to stay here for another transfer after that I would as well. As you get older on mission you come to love anything that is happening with you. As I have been in Ghana my love for these people have increased. I am excited what this transfer will bring me. I am always looking for ways to learn and to improve. Dansoman is definitely doing that for me. I was calling all of my MTC people and they were like oh that sucks you are staying in Dansoman for a 5th transfer? That is so long. But I'm happy with this place. I feel at home. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to be training Elder Bangura. He is learning and doing great. He is a fantastic person and he loves the Lord and this Gospel. I'm happy to be with him. I am learning a lot from him and pray that we always can learn and grow.

So this week we struggled to work with members. I felt that we weren't as productive and diligent in trying to get members to teach with us. It is something my companion and I have talked about and have made goals to change that. Well I never like ending the week with un-contacted referrals. But this week we received instruction on finding people and stuff and the point that was emphasized the most was asking everyone for referrals. We also heard this advice from our ward mission leader last week Friday in coordination meeting as we were making goals to increase our referrals. So we decided to show our faith and try it and from Thursday going we received 6 referrals 3 of which we plan to contact next week.

Dinner out with the Ward Mission Leader

So we met this wonderful family this week and the way that they received us was just very humbling. So we learned that there are people from Sierra Leone that are like right across the highway in our area. So we decided to have someone who knows them take us to them. So we got there and we immediately were invited inside without having to introduce ourselves. At first I was a little sketched out because I didn't know how we were going to talk to Muslims about the Gospel and I'm the type of person that really needs time to warm up when I meet new people. But I couldn't really understand them very well because everyone was speaking Creole. But Bangura and the father who has been in the u.s before were able to translate into Creole (which is pretty much broken English). So we were talking and about 10 minutes later a huge plate of food was in front of us... Amazing people. We have gone over there a couple times this week to share small. But that has never happened since I have been in Dansoman..

The soup has shell fish, crab, okro, tomato, and onion. Soooo good!  In Ghana we eat the whole crab shell and all
Enjoying Jollof

We have set 2 new baptismal dates this week and we have dropped one. But we are hoping for the best with these people we have given dates to. By the end of this month or early next month, we are planning to have several baptisms. I am hoping that the work will keep going like it is. Pray for us I beg haha.

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