Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 60: Baptism, Rude People, and the Priesthood

So we had a baptism this week. I am very grateful for this because if you knew the stress we went through to prepare this lady you would be grateful too. It just comes to show the power that we, the missionaries have, if we have the Spirit. We will have the power to convert anyone. Elizabeth was definitely a testimony strengthener. She is the daughter of a pastor. But by the grace of God she was baptized and confirmed. Thank you for all the prayers.

So this week my testimony of the priesthood has been strengthened, not because I have experienced any miracles or something like that. But it is because like 5 times this week we were asked to give priesthood blessings. Through the faith of others in the priesthood it has helped to strengthen my own testimony as well. The priesthood is true and it is another fruit of this church. 

On a bad note:
So you aren't going to believe this! Someone told me that I should "go and die" this week. It made me feel so bad honestly... So we were walking to the market to go and buy some food and to cook and a guy stops us on the side of the road. I'm not a person just to keep walking when someone wants to talk to us (as I have done before back home in America). Well this guy then goes on about how we pass by him a lot and never stop and share the word with him. I have never seen this guy before in my life. Then he says we aren't doing our work correctly and stuff like that... This guy could talk. THEN he says we didn't even ask him his name because this guy didn't give us a chance to talk... So he turns to my companion and he says his name. Then he turns to me and says what is your name? I said "Nana Kwame Obolo" and then he says "Why are you saying stupid things?" even though it is their language... Then I got tired and we started to walk away and then he said multiple times that "I should go and die". Oh Ghana never disappoints. Love this place.

This week our major goal will be to find AT LEAST one new person a day. One simple task like this will bring us at least 6 new investigators for the week--6 more people to work on and to keep us busy. So pray that we will be led to the people who have been prepared. We have desires to baptize more and stay busy. Well we figure out transfer news on Saturday. I have a feeling I will leave this area, but who knows? Anything can happen.

Macdaddy out. 

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