Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 59: The New Year is My Year!

Harmattan Returns--dust everywhere!

Well, this was my second and last New Years in Ghana. I would say that this time around it was a lot better than last year. I can say that people here celebrate it better than just going to the bar and getting drunk. But there are a ton of fireworks and stuff going off. It is so cool! Well, our landlord's daughter married an A
merican. So let's just say I enjoyed on New Years haha. I didn't enjoy church the next day though. I was so tired.

*When you bring out Poprocks for the kids*

This week was a good week for us. We are making progress on our investigator Elizabeth. We found out this week that she still had 1 concern about this being the true church. I'm glad she brought this up. We were able to teach her from the Book of Mormon in 1 Nephi 14, where Nephi is seeing the vision of 2 churches. She took it very well. We asked her to pray about it and we will follow up on her feelings tomorrow
. We are expecting the baptism to be Saturday. But I might have to push it back a week to make sure everything is okay with her.

This week we have contacted some people. We will still need to follow up on 3 and we have a couple referrals that we need to follow up on from the members. So this week we are hoping that we will have quite a few new investigators. Right now we are trying hard to work with the part member families in the ward. We are currently teaching 2 of our member's wives. So we are hoping for the best and are keeping ourselves busy with people to teach!

Me and my companion are doing great! He is also improving in his missionary work. He loves to contact people and share the message and I like that about him. With his spirit of the missionary work we were able to have some new investigators this week. I am grateful for this opportunity that I have to train. I pray that the Lord will bless me to do the things that I am supposed to do and to constantly be shaping me into the person He wants me to become!

Elder Bangura

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