Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 58: Nothing Happened Besides Christmas Stuff

I think the quote of the week goes to my mom: "Just go and drink your Hepatitis water!" I'm dead.

Panoramic View of the Mall
I don't know what's wrong with me this week. I find it hard to talk about what happened, like this week a ton of Christmas stuff was done. It was great! On Tuesday, we went to Kasoa for a multi-zone conference/ Christmas devotional. We enjoyed a program that was put together by some missionaries in the zone, which was full of scriptures and hymns. We also ate a ton of food consisting of roast beef, chicken, rice, mashed potatoes, and cake. It was the best thing ever. It kinda reminded me of home a little bit. But of course the food back home is way better. There is nothing like enjoying Christmas day with a bowl full of Fufu and 1000 degree weather. Oh how I love Ghana. This place never disappoints. Of course my favorite part of this holiday is the opportunity I have to talk to my family. It is always a great experience for me. I love my family and they are doing a lot for me! 

I Cooked!

Christmas Packages

On Wednesday, I taught district meeting. I love teaching so much. I don't know what has gotten into me haha. But I was told to give an instruction on relying on the Spirit and the power of the Spirit in conversion. Everyone said it was the best district meeting they have ever had. But I think they were lying. But I prepared very well for that lesson.

At Christmas Devotional
This week was a little test of faith, hoping next week is better. I would say that next week we are going to a ton of finding so that week can always be busy with people to teach. This week we have been trying to focus more on the people we have contacted earlier in the transfer. But we have had no luck meeting with them. We would call them, and set an appointment and then would not hear from them the rest of the day. Since coming on my mission my patience has really been an issue. But over these past weeks the Lord has really blessed me to be patient. I know this week we will do great work.

Me and Elder Bangura
I am actually learning so much from doing the 12 week training program. I really enjoy the application in the proselyting section. It is really giving my companion more zeal to do missionary work. This week he said to me that he was praying to get a companion like me. He said because I'm not like an ordinary senior companion, just taking control of everything but I am respecting him as an equal companion. This made me happy because all I want to do is teach him the things he is supposed to learn and that is a big thing in missionary work!
For sure we are having a baptism come up soon. Thank goodness. It has been a couple months since my last baptism. Her name in Elizabeth. She is a wife to a member. Our ward mission leader has done a good job for us in finding part member families. We have had it planned for the 7th but I hope it will turn out okay. She has come to church a ton of times and always has questions to ask. I am grateful for her willingness to learn. Pray for her I am begging you all.

Phone Upgrade!
I went on exchanges with Elder Gurr this week. This guy is a fantastic missionary and he knows the lessons very well. That day we didn't teach many lessons. But let me tell you these were powerful lessons. We did most of our teaching in the Book of Mormon and were some of the most powerful lessons I have taught. I am very grateful that he is my leader. He is truly helping this district!

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