Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week 55: It's a BOY!

Our last meal together

Hunt: Boga! How far?
Me: Massa! I dey I dey
LOL our English is terrible now.

The young men in our ward

So this email is going to be a little short--not much really happened this week.

So transfer news came aaaaaannnd Elder Ngoy and I are staying together for another transfer... haha jk I am now training. Ngoy has gone to Oda, the area I was trained in. I am very sad to be leaving Ngoy. We have had so many good times together. We have grown so much. I am going to miss him. I am thankful for all the things he did for me. We will meet again! So my new companion is from Sierra Leone. He is 24 years old. 

Elder Ngoy and I and our "sons"

President and Sister Simpson with me and Elder Bangrua

So this is kinda interesting. I'm going to train a new missionary. I haven't done anything like it before; it is a big responsibility. It is a sacred trust between me and the Lord and from the mission president. The reason I have somebody to train is because the Lord trusts me. When you are a trainer you have to do everything right because you are their first impression of missionary work and your work ethic and your habits can have a long lasting influence on the missionary you train. President told me I was called to train because of my righteous desires! Well when we were at the mission home we ate soooo much food. Shout out to Sister Simpson and Sister Munro. I got there at around 7:30-- kinda early. We thought there would be traffic. We got to enjoy crepes and french fries which is kinda interesting. Then we waited small and before all the trainees came Sister Simpson rushed and gave us all pudding and ice cream before President got there. LOL. Theeeeeen we had spaghetti and some other things before our meeting started. After our meeting Sister Munro sent us with some pack lunches... I probably gained like 20 pounds. At the mission home we were all cold because of the a/c. How am I gunna cope with America now? 

All the new missionaries and their trainers

Well they have asked us to be careful in our proselyting on Wednesday because of the elections. I doubt very much will happen this week.... They have asked us to stay indoors Thursday and deep clean our apartments, and because there might be riots and stuff. So pray for us. That will be fun.

All the trainers eating A LOT of food

My companion is cool. He has already made me some food from Sierra Leone. He also loves to workout. This guy is buff. So we are going to enjoy the gym everyday!

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