Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 54: Multi-zone Conference, Thanksgiving annnnnd....Okay that's pretty much it.

Yo Fam, what's up?

Thanks for the food!
So Tuesday was so fun. I had the opportunity to go to a multi-zone conference. Our whole MTC group was there! Well it was fun trying to get to the station at Kaneshie market. That place is soooo full. So many people are there buying selling and traveling all around Ghana. It is a cool place. Well we left the house at 7 to get there at 8 so we could leave and make it on time! We got to Kasoa Stake Center Market at 9. The meeting we had was so uplifting.  I am grateful for the words that were said. Here are some of the points that were talked about (for a more detailed account refer to my planner when I come home HAHA)

-Talked about bike safety
-Talked about the 25 days church initiative   #LIGHTtheWORLD
-Importance of developing Christ-like attributes
-learned from like 5 different missionaries about the attributes they have been blessed to apply
-Sister Simpson talked about hygiene and stuff
-We were told to use the Book of Mormon more in our teaching
-Sister Simpson taught us more deeply about Plan of Salvation

This Sums up Elder Green and I

Shout out to Elder Green who instructed us on Diligence.

Went to a fancy restaurant
So there was an Elder from Samoa--this guy also gave a talk on diligence. His name in Muhtao or something like that. But he was giving his instruction and he says "Man Elders and Sisters we just have to work, like work work work work work work" (Rhianna's song with Drake. We hear it everyday playing in the streets). This was so funny, everyone started laughing, even Prez was dying laughing. President was addressing us and I forget exactly how President asks the question but something like " If your companion sins and you are there letting it happen, what will happen to you?" He then blurts out "you will be blessed" LOL,  I'm done.


Kind of an interesting thought: Heavenly Father delegated powers to create the world and plenty of other things. But what is cool is Heavenly Father himself was involved in the Creation of man... He must love us!

Ripping out of my shirt!
Thanksgiving in Ghana was great! Unlike most people, I actually did something! It was kinda funny. You can find a video on Facebook. But we just went and bought a whole bunch of local food.....and cupcakes and just enjoyed. Haha, the funny thing is, we spent no more than $10.

Well Saturday we were able to do service. I love service haha. We went over to a member's house and painted her house. We also were able to rearrange things in the house for her and pack things away into a storage room. We finished a lot of work in such a small time. Well we had some extra hands and apparently she didn't like my painting. So she just told me to lift things and put them in certain places. I guess I'm better at that haha.

After Service

Sunday they FINALLY called a new ward mission leader. Can I get a drum roll please? His name is President Xaxgbe. former mission president, stake president and bishop haha. I'm so happy. He told me on Sunday, as of today you like me and as of tomorrow you won't like me again. I'm like your mission president number 2 haha love this guy.

Pretty much the week in a nutshell. Just pray for me and my investigators that I have that their hearts may be softened and that they can progress towards baptism!

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