Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 53: Official 1 Year Mark

Burning shirts 

Well we just passed our official 1 year mark! Man time is going fast. My release date is November 7th. That is the new milestone. I was able to go to Lartebiokorshie and hang with my homie Lambson. He is the closest to me right now, we went on their roof and we burned some shirts and bought a family size pizza and ate it ourselves. Man it was a good night. I never imagined myself getting so far! Time is going by fast. Before you know it I will be home!

Bishop is literally the answer to our prayers. So we visited him this week and we were talking about some of the members and their concerns and we came across Solomon. Remember him? Yeah so we had been praying that he would find some work. We were talking to Bishop and he said he has some work for him to do at the house and was impressed to call him. Wow it's cool to see how God works.

Enjoying time with ward missionaries

We were able to kinda motivate our ward missionaries and were able to teach quite a few of member present lessons this week, a big improvement from last week. It is good to be honest with people. The work moves faster when we work with members. Elder Ngoy and I are doing all we can!

Elder Dy and I. He goes home soon.

We had a zone training meeting this week. We learned some very good things. We learned about not giving up on contacting and gave us a new thing to try, just slowing down going from appointment to appointment, being in tune with the Spirit and finding people that way. We shouldn't have set times for contacting, so this also means we need to also work with the members still. Since they have invited us to contact, our referrals have gone down and it shouldn't be like that. We also were taught about using the Book of Mormon more. In Ghana, people love the Bible. So we do most of the teaching in the Bible. But it should be the other way around. 

Additional tidbit for us: Thank you guys. I am thankful for all you guys do for me. I have been blessed to be sent to Ghana and I am grateful for the man I am becoming. This wouldn't be possible without my awesome parents. I love you guys. Have a great week!

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