Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 52: Exchange, Ngoy's Party, and More!

Not much happened this week.

Enjoying my new stuff
Tuesday was a great day. We were able to celebrate Ngoy's birthday party! I took him to KFC (only my 2nd time eating it in Ghana btw) but we enjoyed working that day. Ngoy had a really good attitude on his birthday. He had such a great attitude that we went to go sing hymns to people then contact them. We got 4 new investigators from it! Also got my package on Tuesday. Sister Munro came in clutch. Shout out to my fam for loving me! I feel the love! Shout out to Uncle Mike: "You go through Taco Bell and Taco Bell goes through you."  What a beautiful quote!

Never smile
I'm going to be honest this week. I have been contending with the adversary. This week I have been getting very discouraged and unmotivated. It seems as if mission is kinda like the pride cycle in the Book of Mormon, Elder ngoy and I haven't been having the success we have been having in the past. We feel that we have gone out this week because we have goals to hit not because we want to. I really hope this work can get going again. When missionary work slows down or even halts, you feel like it is all your fault. Pray for us and the missionary work in our area!

We have been doing a ton of counseling this week to some of our members. It is making me sad the type of trials I see our members going through. I'll give you the story of one member in particular. So this member had not been to church 3 weeks in a row at this point and we went to visit him to see what was up. He told us that he has not been able to get work for like a month now and he was struggling to support his family. He felt that God forgot about him because he had never been without work for about a week in his life. He always does the right things---pray, Family Home Evenings, scripture study and faithfully paid his tithing. When an African says that God has forgotten about them it is a problem. These people have great faith! The Spirit was so strong in that lesson. We shared D&C 121: 1-9 and pretty much shared that saints of God have always suffered trials and afflictions. It is a part of life. Even the most faithful people in the world suffer the most. Heavenly Father gives us trials in our life to strengthen our faith. This lesson helped me to think about my mission experience. Nothing has been easy here in Ghana for me. But it is strengthening my faith. Missionary work doesn't always go your way. But your faith is always growing. Life is built on faith. Without faith, we cannot endure.

Sunday would have to be the best day of this week. Since we had Stake Conference last week, this week was used as Fast and Testimony Sunday. A lot of people got up and shared about enduring and faith because a ton of people in my ward are going through a hard time. I was able to contribute in fast offerings because I know how much these people need it. Even our Bishop has raised concerns about money. Everyone who reads this, just pray for our members.

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