Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 51: Football, Futball, and a Baptism

I played some American football and soccer today for a zone activity. It was very fun, well besides the fact that people kicked my shins more than they kicked the ball and besides the fact that we lost the football game, which I totally blame Green for because the only completion he had when he was QB was to Herrod, our zone leader, who was on the other team. I guess I didn't do any better with 2 touchdown passes and 2 interceptions. But let's not talk about that haha!

My District

I would say that this week has been a good week! We were able to invite our investigator Gifty Agua to be baptized. Her date has to be changed though because she is dealing with funeral arrangements for one of her parents that passed away. Elder Ngoy and I have been working on contacting a lot and we have contacted some very promising people. So pray for us that we might be able to make them into progressing investigators. I'm happy with the work Elder Ngoy and I are doing. We had 2 baptisms on Saturday, which was a miracle by the way. And we are baptizing Emmanuel this Saturday. Man, we are running out of people to baptize! 

Here is the insight for the week: I have made it a goal to do a better job of asking questions and listening to the Spirit to discern the need of my investigators. I was reminded of 2 great examples of people doing wonderful things with asking questions and listening to the Spirit. If we go to the Book of Mormon in Alma Chapter 5 asking questions to the wicked people and making them think about the things they were doing wrong and ended up changing them! In Alma Chapter 22 , Aaron converts king Lamoni's Father. Aaron asks questions and it is exactly what Lamoni's father needs to hear!

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