Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 56: Elections, Deep Cleaning, and What?

Well everyone now calls me Papa Macdaddy

Shout out to Nana Addo the new Prez of Ghana.

So while we are on the topic of the election literally as soon as the news came out for the new president everyone went crazy, so crazy they asked us to immediately return to our apartments. So right by the apartment there is a huge round-a-bout and while we were on our way home the people there were so numerous that cars could not pass there. There was loud music playing and there were cars honking their horns up and down the big 4 lane road we live by. The struggle is real. We didn't get much sleep that night.
Well because it was election week, missionary work was kinda rough this week. The tradition here is to go to your hometown or village to do the voting so like all of our investigators traveled to their various places and stayed there. Also people were celebrating like all week, and of course Thursday we were asked to stay inside all day... Kinda a bad week to start your mission on if you are a new missionary

You know, training a new missionary is such a good experience, like it is pretty stressful but it is nice. Like you always have someone who is looking up to you and learning from you, which builds your confidence to do the work more fully. My Companion is doing great! He is a little tired all the time but it is normal. He is a fast learner and he is teaching very well. I wasn't at his point my first week on mission haha. I remember I was so scared to teach.

This little girl always asks, "Where is Kwame Obolo (Saturday Fat)?"

I talked to my recent convert Edward on the phone this week. We had a really nice discussion. He goes to church every Sunday and guess what? He has read the entire triple combination! He has great faith. If you knew my first area in Oda (now the area is better), you would ask yourself how did I even baptize anyone there... Well long story short, I was actually about to give up totally and about week 4 of my mission I think we contacted him and he told us he was trying to find the truth. He was a testimony builder of mine and now look where he is at. I am so grateful for the good things that he is doing!

Well we had our apartment deep cleaning session on Thursday. That was kinda interesting. Mom, I am grateful for the cleaning you did in the house all the time, and I'm repenting for my laziness. So yeah your house is never really clean if you think it is... literally i was in the bathrooms bleaching everything (we have 3 bathrooms) scrubbing toilets which suuuucks). Ummmm I was in the kitchen scrubbing scrubbing the floors, cleaning all the dishes again, cleaned all the floors in the apartment... I was struggling haha. Elder Bangura was outside pulling all the weeds out and cleaning the windows and stuff it was hard... let's just say by the end of the day I was DONE.

I have finished the Book of Mormon again and have started Doctrine and Covenants. So I was reading yesterday and  came across verses that just hit me hard in D&C 6:11-16. We are supposed to liken the scriptures to ourselves right? i know that this is a witness from Heavenly Father that he knows me and my desires. I pray a lot haha. I know that my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me and I know that what it says in the scripture that "thou wouldst not have come to the place where thou art at this time" is true, I have become a better person for sure and i will continue to grow.

Well we can hope for a better week next week. I just ask that the people who read this better pray for me! We all know prayer works! Please pray for the work and pray that I can always be the missionary that the Lord wants me to be!

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