Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 48: Puttin' in Work


Quotes of the Week:

Ngoy: "Man Macdaddy, I feel free, this weather is nice, it feels great outside."
Me: "Ngoy it feels like I am in a lake of fire and brimstone, it is too hot outside."
Drunk Man: "Latter-day Jesus Christ Saints, Welcome"

Me and Elder Green Enjoying Smoothies

Well, I would say that the Lord is doing wonders for us. We had a great turnout at our mid week; 2 investigators showed up out of nowhere.

Me and Elder Ngoy Looking Fresh

Well, this week I have decided to have some fun with these school kids here. They all always want to greet a white man. I think one of the days this week I was small annoyed and when they greeted me I just said "Minty Brofo" which means I don't hear English in Twi. Man after that it just kinda turned into a joke. All the kids call me the Minty Brofo Bruni. I don't know what is worse, the kids calling me that or greeting me all the time. It is kinda funny---just dug my hole deeper I feel like.

Elder Jorgensen, Elder Green, and I

This week I have been terrible in writing in my journal and I'm not one to remember things on the spot. So I'm struggling here. I think I am going to share an observation this week. literally the best missionary work can be done through members, let me share something that is happening with us right now that is a great example of member missionary work. So there is this member in our ward named Solomon. Now before I got here Ngoy told me that they gave him a Restoration pamphlet and he shared it with 3 people. One of those being our recent convert named Abraham. Abraham wasn't the only one to be baptized. He helped us with his dad, and we baptized Samuel. Samuel has a desire to convert his whole family which is great. Now the chain doesn't end there. Seeing the happiness of Abraham and his father some of Abraham's friends have a desire to change and now they are learning with us and will be baptized soon. Literally 1 person can make a difference. If it weren't for that member Solomon these people probably wouldn't be baptized. Now think about it. What if every member of the church did this? Think about how many convert baptisms we would have. I even think not many would go less active because they would already have a friend in the church! This work would be easier if members did this! Now because I thought about this every time we are visiting members I am sharing this experience and asking for ideas on how to push the work forward! It is working! We were able to double our member present lessons this week, plus get a good amount of referrals. In P.E.C everyone is telling us how good we are doing and I am happy. I'm glad things are going well here in Dansoman! We had our highest number of investigators at Sacrament Meeting-- 6. We were able to hit all of our goals except our lessons to recent convert and less actives and for that one we tried and tried and only were 2 off our goal!

Well we figured out why our investigator was not baptized in Oda. This guy has had 1 problem about the church and that is the Book of Mormon. Elder Ngoy and I spent a while explaining to him about the Book of Mormon. It was great! As I get older on mission I have realized more and more that we don't convert people the Spirit does. I was able to see the Spirit working through us in that lesson to help Kwaku overcome his problem. Lately I have been able to see the Spirit working through me more. Earlier in my mission it was about my knowledge and knowing all the scriptures so I could finish people. Recently, it has been what do these people need to be converted? How can I help the Spirit touch their hearts?

Sparkling Cider with Onyemelonu

On Saturday I went on exchange with Elder Onyemelonu. This guy is about 5 weeks on mission haha. He is great and full of the Spirit. I was surprised about how well he could teach. I know for sure I wasn't at his level at 5 weeks, buuuuut let's not talk about that. Just makes me realize how far I have come!

Enjoying Eba- Nigerian Food

I am grateful for all of your emails every week. It really helps me. I am also grateful for your prayers. I can definitely see them working in my work. I hope all of you have a great week this week!

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