Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 49: "Obedience is not the mark of a slave; it is one of the prime qualities of leadership"

The quote from above comes from HERE.

SO TRANSFER NEWS IN HERE!!!! and literally nothing is happening in the Dansoman district. well not much happened this week so ill just share something uplifting
Elder Ngoy and I

While we were with Elder Vinson this week he opened my eyes. Sometimes as members we don't always understand the scriptures that well. Here is an example of something we overlook:

The Good Samaritan:  Forgotten Symbols

Found a Member from Oda

So I stole this from my homie Elder Kovach -"As Elder Cook told us last Monday, there are 4 loves for a missionary to have: Love your Mission President! Love the people in your area! Love your companion! Love the Lord!"

Riding in the Trotro with Hunt

Email from his Mission President:

Dear Elder McFarland,

You are doing great. I see your testimony and desire as a missionary growing every week. You would have enjoyed Sister Vinson's presentation at the Ofankor Multi-zone Conference where she illustrated the very point that you have made above about the impact of a single baptism on many people joining the church. It is simply wonderful to see you changing and becoming a great missionary.

It was great to see you at the multi-zone conference and to feel of your spirit.

Keep working hard and stay focused on your purpose.

We love and appreciate you.

President Simpson
Elder Prescott is going home!

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