Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 47: The Lord Has Blessed Us

Ngoy and I enjoying malt
Companionship Language Study

Well I guess the reason for the subject is that a lot has happened to us. So remember that referral bishop gave to us? We met him on Tuesday. Now we were just introducing each other and getting to know him more so that we know how he needs to be taught. We cleared his concerns and started to talk about lesson 1. Then the spirit told me "McFarland go back, you messed up." I told myself, I already turned the time over to my comp. But I waited for him to finish introducing the lesson... Then it was my turn. I was supposed to start teaching from the first principle like we planned for buuuut the Spirit kinda told me otherwise. He told us that he was having a lot of problems with family, work and other things. I thought it would be good to promise him something, promise him that the Restoration and the Book of Mormon can change his life, and give him strength to endure every hard thing that he is going through. I told him that he had to do the things that we tell him to do like pray, come to church and read and his eyes got big and he said are you serious and I said yea then bore my testimony. The Spirit was strong!
Attempt at drawing the US

Well here is another instance. So Ngoy and I were discussing what we needed to do on Tuesday to get a new investigator. I was just thinking when the right time to contact someone who works in the school. I thought about a man named Emmanuel. While my companion was confirming an appointment, when he got off the phone I let him know that we should contact this person and he looked at me and says yeah I could see him being baptized quickly! So we contacted him and he is a new investigator!
Nana Kwame = Chief Saturday Fat

Man Tuesday was just a good day. On our way home, a guy stopped us. His name is Kwaku. He is from Oda and just moved to my area. We were talking and he was actually living in my first area in Oda as well. It was nice to chat with him about it! But he told us that he had been schooling so it was hard for him to come to church. But he has been plenty of times and said he now is free and wants to join us. So we will work with him.

Thursday was probably one of our most productive day. We did some great work! But here is an experience for the day. So we had planned to meet this member named Sister Kessi. Man she is so awesome! While we were there, she fed us! Ngoy said that I should share something with her. I'm like okay. Immediately 2 scriptures came to mind, one from the Bible and the other from the Book of Mormon. Romans 8: 18 and Alma 7: 23-24. I asked her "Bible or Book of Mormon" she says Book of Mormon. I shared with her Alma chapter 7. She got emotional and said it was exactly what she needed to hear and shared something dear to her, and I ended up sharing Romans 8:18 anyway. Glad I am making a difference.
Prescott from Hawaii
Saturday was lit! Ngoy's recent convert was getting married in the church so we were invited to come! 2 weddings in 2 weeks? We had a good time. It just makes me excited for when i get married...IF i ever do hahaha Sorry mom.
Food at Wedding

Sunday was a wreck... huge rain storm in the morning that made us late for church. There is one thing i hate most being a missionary.... being late for church. We get there and only like 30 people were there and half of them were kids. Testimony meeting was interesting! We were invited to a old woman's birthday party. She turned 85! We got there sang to her. It almost seemed like it was our party? She loves the missionaries haha so she fed us well!
Wearing Girl Stuff

Me and Elder Burt
Good week! Keep the prayers coming my way, I beg.

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