Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 46: Interview With Prez, General Conference, and Quarrel Over Maple Syrup

Me and my homie Dickson (member of the ward)

So Tuesday was quite an eventful day. We had a language meeting for the language study people and their companions. My comp is learning English. So we had to go and learn or be reminded about how the language study program should go! Sister Munro said something interesting that really stood out to me. She said (directing toward us English tutors) think about it. You can be a part of something that will bless your companion's life forever; helping them learn English will help them with jobs in the future, and they will get to hear the prophets in their normal voice. If you think about it, I have a very important job! 

Group Dinner 

After the language training, we came back to the Kaneshie Stake Center to have our interview with President. Apparently he has been watching me and tracking my progress and says that he is specifically impressed with my attitude and maturity for missionary work. It made me feel good. I also got him in tears while bearing my testimony about my mission so far! He said that I will train a new missionary soon! 

Well now I'll talk about the literal argument Elder Hunt and I got in over syrup. Every American elder who has served in Ghana should understand that syrup is very hard to come by here and is something everyone misses. So we were enjoying Dr. Pepper when I brought up the fact I noticed pancake mix. So where is the syrup? I asked. She said oh we have some but it just barely expired. Hunt and I look at each other then looked back at the lady and both said what seemed like at the same time "I will take it" then looked back at each other and argued about who gets the syrup. The point I made was Hunt has enjoyed the city longer than me. So I deserve it. I didn't catch his excuse. He probably said that I was Obolo and didn't need syrup haha. Long story short, our companions were confused, and we both got some syrup for free. I'll explain that people her are scared of expiration dates. So she wasn't going to sell them anyway (there were more than one but we didn't know). I am a happy camper!

Well not much happened this week worth talking about. The week was taken up by General Conference on Saturday and Sunday, Tuesday was full of meetings as well as Wednesday. So we didn't teach as much as we wanted to. But that will change this week! 

Our guard sleeping through the Priesthood Session of Conference

Man lifting this week has made me get back on track to beast mode. I'm very happy my landlord is giving me the opportunity! Today he took us to the West Hills Mall to buy some protein powder. I'm in heaven right now! 

The biggest ant I've ever seen!

Sorry  for the kind of lame email. I left my conference notes at home... Fake.

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