Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 45: The Cleanest Apartment in the Zone Goes to..., Getting Buff, and Being Responsible

Oh Green!

This week the apartments in the zone were inspected by an office couple. I think it was just to make sure if everything we had was working properly, which everything wasn't because this is Ghana. They were inspecting it and all they were saying the whole time was our apartment is so clean. The thing is we knew they were coming but didn't even make an effort to clean things and make things perfect and we still were the cleanest. I don't know. I guess I'm pretty proud of that. That is something to be proud of right?

My Landlord

So I was with our landlord and he told me that he owned a small gym and was wanting someone to train with and asked if i would. I'm like heck yeah. I like lifting. He thought that since I was fat, I was weak and didn't like working out. People here have a weird perception. But he said I proved him wrong. Now he calls me macho man. Let's just say I am dead right now!

Elder Babira

I went on exchanges with Elder Babira. This guy is like 4 months on mission and spent all his time in Manponse. He is from Nigeria! During the course of our exchange, he kept complaining about his companion. All I could say was you have to talk to him tomorrow during your companionship inventory, and he ended up doing it and they are doing great now! Man there was one instance that stood out to me while on this exchange. I was teaching a part of the Plan of Salvation in one lesson and in the next lesson Elder Babira applied what I taught which always makes a missionary happy. When you see a younger missionary applying some things that they are learning, it made me happy. 

6 Cedi Lunch

Well we had an incident after lunch... so runny tummy hit and we were like 20 minutes away from the apartment. We were waiting for one of the investigators. We had sent her kid to go find her... 10 minutes passed by and I'm dying. Then the kid comes back and says he can't find his mom. So I'm like okay we will go and then come again and ran to the apartment. By ran, I mean walk as fast as I could. We finally got there after what seemed like hours.

Where they get salt here

I feel that it is sometimes easy for us to blame others when things don't go our way. For example, blaming a bishop and the members for missionary work not progressing or something like that. But I have been think a lot about that this week. I don't think it is necessarily correct for a missionary to do this, unless missionaries have done everything they can to help. But in most instances it is not that way. I think many times in my mission I have blamed other people in the branch or in the ward for what I can say honestly are on me. I feel like the natural man in me wants me to justify situations to make it look like I am right.... It's called pride by the way.... By blaming others we aren't allowing ourselves to grow in any way. For the rest of my mission I will apply this and never blame others and try to do all that I can. I will be responsible, humble, and do all I can, and not blame others for something you can so easily change!

Baptism of Samuel

I was touched this week. I have spent a lot of time with the landlord this week doing some service and he has a strong testimony of how paying your tithes will bless you and your family. He has been blessed in his life, has served a mission, owns a school, and even houses missionaries. What does he do? He gives jobs to some of the members in our ward, like mason work, electrical work, and carpentry work as well, so that these members can be faithful and pay tithing and have the opportunity to receive the blessing of paying them. Isn't that great? 

Helping Build a Doghouse
Doghouse funished

Great week this week! It flew by. We have been visiting members and getting closer to them. We believe this will push missionary work in this ward. Even our bishop gave us a referral named Paul who is promising and assigned people to talk about building the kingdom of God here on earth. So I am happy with the things that are happening here in Dansoman. 

Samuel was baptized Saturday this guy has great faith!

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