Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 44: Meeting An Apostle and Change!

Wow!  What a week!  It has gone by so fast! 

So shout out to Elder Hunt for writing me a letter. It was great and really gave me some more motivation! Well our MTC group is old now! 14 months to go! 

So this week the sun has been out plenty and I decided I would finally humble myself and apply sunscreen...and it actually works. Who knew?  

So, we have over 20 investigators right now. It's hard to keep up with all of them. But we are hanging in there! We have a couple of baptisms coming up--1 next week and 1 the week after that! That will be 9 converts!

MTC Group

Well I guess I will now talk about what we learned from Elder Gary E. Stevenson on Wednesday. I think I need to start out with this quote by him "A lesson without a commitment is a waste of time." Well Elder Stevenson said something interesting. He commented on a story that the Ghana Accra Mission President shared with us. The story was that one of the missionaries (native to Africa) in their mission said that she saw Sister Heid in a dream 10 years before she even came on mission, which is kinda interesting and this really helped her because she was going through a hard time getting used to everything and finding it hard to leave a returned missionary (a boyfriend) of about 6 weeks at home. Crazy, right? But these types of things tend to happen to a lot of Africans. They see things in their dreams, maybe something that will help them, or something that will happen later on in their lives. God reveals things to Africans in dreams; there is no doubt about it! But Elder Stevenson commented on this and said: "Just think about this story that was just shared . I guarantee you there are people out there looking for you missionaries because they have dreamed something. Think about it. If you aren't in tune with the Spirit, you will not find these people and you will let a soul go unsaved because you couldn't act on a prompting of the Holy Ghost. I was thinking to myself that this is so true. As missionaries, that is the most important thing you can do is be in tune with the Spirit! We also talked a lot about giving commitments and following up as well. A lot of good things were said and the Spirit of God was so strong during that meeting. The meeting closed off well. The mission fed us well---a big piece of chicken and a huge plate of rice. I literally had a food baby at the end of that meal. Crazy, right?

Did they paint these chickens?

Let me tell you about something that really got to me this week. So, as missionaries, we are expected to get to church early and greet people as they come in and me and my companion looked and we saw our investigator who is coming to be baptized this Saturday walking to church. This guy is 74 years old and he is walking to church. He doesn't even live that close. This man has such great faith and should be an example to everyone. I'm telling you guys, this country is full of faith. Faith is a very important principle that we can all work on, especially me. When I was with Elder Wilson, we found this very awesome chapter in the Bible on faith---Hebrews chapter 11. Everyone read it! I have found that faith is so important in everything we do! We can grow our faith as we get better acquainted with the Savior's teachings, earthly ministry, and Atonement!

Well, I would say everything is going well here in Ghana. My companion and I are doing the best we can to work hard! I hope that all of you back home are enjoying America haha! I appreciate everyone's support! I can definitely feel the prayers of everyone back home! 

I will talk to you guys next week!

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