Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 43: Temple Trip, Another Transfer, Another Dollar!

Me and my Homie Meek Dickson
Yo what's up everyone/ It's ya boi Macdaddy and yes I still am in Ghana! Well, before I get too far in this email I have transfer news:

So I am staying with Elder Ngoy, so my district is being changed from 4 to 6 elders. Elder Green will be getting a fresh companion from the MTC, and Elder Babira is becoming a senior companion. They won't reopen an area in Dansoman. I guess they are trying to kill us! But here is the news from my fellow MTC group. Randall is going from DL to junior comp in the Bush, Hunt is staying in Anyaa, Lambson is coming to Laterbiokoshie, which is like 5 minutes away from me. So I'm sure we will have play dates or something haha. Bawden is the DL in Oda. Congrats to him. He is a good missionary! Smith is staying in the Bush with is companion and, my old companion, Wilson, is staying with his comp as well. So not much happening for us!

Eating Fufu with Elder Green
Enjoying Some Banku and Pepe

On Wednesday we will be meeting Elder Stevenson of the Quorum of 12 Apostles. So I am excited to see all my homies and shake hands with another apostle. You know coming to Ghana, I felt like we would never hear from a general authority. But I have heard from so many. It is great!

Breakfast of Champions- Banku and Tilapia = 3 Cedis (about 75 cents)

So I was reading a letter that my mom gave me before I arrived in the MTC, and she told me not to read it until I entered in the MTC. But I have kept it all these months and I was bored last night so I was reading old stuff. It inspired me to just talk to my companion about life. He shared with me how his parents have always had problems with money, and that is understandable because they had to raise 7 kids. But the father was a mechanic. He fixed cars and bikes and stuff and just tried to get as much as he could for the family. His mom would sell things at the market and stuff so it wasn't easy. They even didn't go to school some years because money just wasn't there. Then he says some other things. I'm like wow. Why have I ever complained about some of the things that have happened in my life? I have 2 parents who work very hard to make sure the family has everything they need. I don't know why it took me this long to realize that. But let's be parents have been so good to me. They are a good example of selflessness. I'm sure that they would like a new pair of shoes or some new clothes but they make sure we are well clothed and other things. I love my parents! Ngoy has taught me to love the little things, to be more loving, and grateful for the things I have. I think Ngoy told me one of the greatest things I have heard on my mission "I don't have plenty of things, or money. But what I can give to people is service." My companion truly does serve! He serves me everyday, and strives to serve others everyday as well. This guy is a good example!

Chef Ngoy

I had a great opportunity to go to the temple on Saturday! It feels good to go through the temple again. I think it has been like 9 months since I have gone!

Not much has happened this week for me. I am just grateful to be a missionary in Ghana. It is such a good experience. This transfer, we will have 3 baptisms. I just don't know when. But we have a lot of investigators that are promising. Continued prayers is all that I ask!

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