Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 42: "To be successful, regardless of the field, one needs to be a participant in the field of battle, rather than a spectator."

Yo Fam,

I can officially say that I am off caffeine. It took me long enough to realize that this stuff messes you up, I have noticed that the only thing that wakes me up in the morning is this stuff. So for the past couple of weeks I haven't had any and I feel great. Last week was a little rough because I was tired all the time. But I got over it. I feel good.

Eating at The Wok- Christopherson, Green and Me

Well we went over to this member's house for a Family Home Evening and Elder Ngoy was in charge of giving the lesson and I was in charge of giving the scriptural talk. So I was chillin...Like I had no idea  Ngoy was going to give a lesson about when the Lamanites buried their swords. I shared Matthew 16:24-26 and it totally connected to what Ngoy was going to talk about. It was really cool. We all found something in our lives that we needed to bury or in Matthew how it says take up our cross, or sacrifice, and do something better. So it connected very well!

Well on Tuesday we were pinned in the house most of the day because of heavy rain. But we were able to go out and do some work so all is well. So usually having a copy of the Book of Mormon with me is something I don't think about. I just do because it is a habit. But that day I was specifically inspired to carry it with me. So we were going throughout the day and I bought a FanChoco and I was eating it and it kinda exploded all over my shirt. So I had to go back and change because it was pretty bad... Then we went to our coordination meeting which went a little longer than expected because we were talking about missionary things and went all the way to the other side of our area to go see our recent convert and an investigator who live in the same house. Then literally our next 2 appointments failed... yeah my luck I guess. Then we got a call from some people that they didn't have a key to lock the chapel so we literally went back to where we came from to go and lock it. The struggle is real... haha. Then I went to go buy some rice because I was having some cravings and my companion wanted fish so we did that too. All of you may be wondering why I am saying this. Well you see when my companion was buying fish, I was talking to some guy in Twi and everyone was getting a kick out of it and this woman contacts us and wants to know about the Book of Mormon. So I explained it and gave one to her and a Restoration pamphlet with my number on it. All is good! So we were walking home and my companion turns to me and says it is funny how God prepares people.  And I'm just thinking to myself if all that stuff hadn't happened that day, we probably wouldn't have met her.

I was laying in bed and I thought I heard someone walking into the compound...I was like here we go, someone is here to rob us again. So i was kinda sketched out and I was getting clothes on the go outside and see who was making the noise. I thought I was going to have to beat somebody up. But turns out it was the new security guard...oops!

So I was with Elder Dy on Thursday because our companions needed to go to the mission office for something.  But I had a great opportunity to go and do service for this wonderful man named Grampa Charles. This guy is very unfortunate to have Parkinson's Disease. It was really sad to see him like that. But I was gladly doing service. We were teaching him about Joseph Smith and he was so involved. Also we played some games and walked around outside with him. But his favorite part was when we were just sharing our experiences with him.

Apparently I can't shower in peace.... So guys came to our apartment early in the morning to come spray down our apartment with insecticide and literally was banging on the door of the bathroom and saying he had just sprayed the room where my sink was at....

So church was good. I paid my fast offerings like a good boy and our investigators came to church. So I was in a good mood. We even had 2 new investigators at church on Sunday and both of them accepted baptismal dates for early next month. So I am happy with the work we are doing in Dansoman. After church was so crazy for I have everyone coming up and talking to me like why can't we leave the Twi speaking Obruni alone for 10 minutes so he can follow-up with the people who came to church. I have the ward missionaries all up on me asking me about the soccer activity today. I have Sister Duku asking me where me companion is (he kinda blends in). I have a countless amount of cute primary children coming up to me and giving me these cute letters they wrote to the missionaries in class. I am trying to find good people that my investigators can get to know better. I'm running around telling people to say hi. I have Bishop asking me how the work is, members setting up appointments with us. My favorite part was when a member handed me her little girl and said "Hold her for a minute. I will be right back. I have to go do something" and runs off. Then the little girl (a little over a year old) starts crying because she is scared of white people still. I have kids outside messing around with my bike. So I have to go tell them to stop while I am holding this screaming kid. It's like I'm having a bad dream... yeah after that I had to go to some meeting that the zone leaders were having with the district leaders. Fun, right?

Pretty much the week in a nutshell. Love all of you. Have a good week!

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