Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 40: Attempted Robbery, Zone Training, and Happy 9 Months!


Mission gets better and better every week! On Sunday after church we went to go see a few people before we came back to eat a little something and there was commotion outside our apartment... I hadn't eaten all day so literally was in a bad mood. I asked myself why are a bunch of Africans outside of my apartment making noise, then another thought came. Am I about to see Ghanaians fight for the first time? But when we got there it was something that I never thought would happen to us. Well we get to the gate and the members who live there tell us we need to make sure to always keep our windows locked no matter what, which we are pretty good at. The thief tried to get into our apartment but couldn't get into any of our windows, so went to the member's house and totally ransacked the place, stole their iPad, tablet, iHome, DVD player and other things such as chargers and stuff. They invited us in to see what the people did.... totally trashed their house. It is really sad... I'm sure we were the initial target. I'm still very sketched out right now. Gotta love Ghana and all the challenges you face!

On the subject of challenges, this one has to do with my bike. I have a pic. I was riding my bike along side the main road, yes on the road cuz Ghana doesn't have sidewalks you can ride on because of the tons of people walking.. I bike pretty fast cuz I have biked in Tour de France. I kinda got a little ahead of my companion. So I stopped and waited for him to catch up. When he caught up, I  just felt that i needed to take the back way home today, like I felt like I shouldn't take the main road. So we did. We turned right on a dirt road and it couldn't have been more than 50 yards onto this road and boom my back tire jams and I lose control small. I don't fall though; just stopped and looked at my back tire wondering what the heck was wrong and boom what you see in the pic happened. I don't even know how. But it did. I guess I gotta chill with these thunder thighs. I don't know what would have happened if I would have continued on that main road. I probably would have gotten hit by a car or something (which is normal cuz people can't drive here anyway). The Spirit protects!

And last but not least on Macdaddy's weekly difficulties, it is starring our investigator Mary. We were excited right? She was going to be baptized. I was happy to have recent convert Numero seis or however you spell it. I was trying to speak Spanish. But yeah she couldn't get in the water this week. I'll leave it at that. I guess I forgot she will be my first female convert. Oh well we will have it next week!

The Squad at the Mall

Funny story---I actually am learning a ton because people actually speak English here. Since I have been here, they have been talking a lot about marriage and it has actually been so helpful to me. Well on Sunday, due to our massive amount of young single adults in Elders Quorum, the instructor President Xaxambwe (former mission president in Nigeria) felt inspired to talk about marriage. I was excited because this guy is already so funny. You get him started on giving advice, it is the funniest thing in the world! He is giving this lesson and he has some very interesting things to say. What stood out to me was he said that if you feel like the only way you are going to get a girl to marry is by how much money you have "you have to find someone who is in you league, and someone with the same standards, I beg." This was so funny. He went on about stuff and we get to the end and he says Elder McFarland, what do you think about this?" I stood up and said, "Honestly, we all just gotta find a woman that will keep us in check." He says, "Amen. That is it." Everyone starts laughing and then yeah that was it. I don't know what's more awkward-- having a former mission president in your ward or the youngest person in Elders Quorum being asked to give counsel on marriage. Who knows?

Africa West Service Project

Okay, I'll talk about the zone meeting now. I sat by Elder Hunt in this meeting and like they were really stressing this how to begin teaching stuff. So they told us to role play and Hunt and I would take turns being the investigator. It felt good role playing with Hunt. It reminded me of Oda and how far we have come as missionaries since then. The Spirit was so strong, we were like both almost crying after the role play for both of us. It is great! Well one thing that really stuck out to me was the fact that President really stressed on not taking advantage of study time! Study time is important! Language study is necessary for everyone who is speaking English as their second language. So we really have to make sure this stuff is happening! Also President compared us to caterpillars becoming butterflies and mission as a cocoon where we are learning and growing and being prepared to be the best person you can be! How can a caterpillar become a butterfly if he doesn't go into the cocoon? How can somebody become better if they don't do the right things? What good is it to come on mission if you don't do the right things, or don't have the desire? You will NEVER grow. yeah.... Mom, I'm not trying to come home for you to say "Really?...What was my son doing for 2 years? Maybe he needs to serve another 2 years." It's a good thing I'm doing the right things and trying to be the best missionary I can be. I am changing, becoming a better person. If I can tell, then others must see it too! I'm grateful for this great work I am embarked in! These 9 months have flown by let me tell you!

So we are having 2 baptisms on Saturday.  I am so excited, Brother Ofori and Sister Mary will be baptized then confirmed on Sunday. The amount of referrals that have been given to us is unreal. We are even teaching a whole family, whaaaaat? ya boi is doing good out here. Continued prayers is all I ask. Love you all and thanks for the support!

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