Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 38: Yoooo I Dey For Greater Accra Region!!!

Ran into this guy at the Distribution Center
It's so much cooler here with the breeze off the coast.

So let me start out by describing the journey we had to this place. So first of all I didn't even finish packing until Tuesday morning. I guess the whole time I was thinking to myself  "Oh I'm a pro at packing. I'll do it tomorrow." The procrastination is real! Well, long story short we pull up to this station in Nsawam with all our crap and literally all these black people surround the car yelling over each other in Twi who will take the Obrunies to their destination. I wish I got it on video. It was so funny. Well, long story short just leave it to Macdaddy to solve all of our problems haha. So ended up hiring a trotro for all of us and everyone got to their areas safe and sound haha.

Let me just take a moment to brag about how cool and Christ-like my companion is. His name is Elder Ngoy. He is 24 and he is from DR Congo. I am so happy to be with this guy. He is the most humble person I have met on mission. I know I will enjoy this time with him. My job is to support him in his calling as district leader and to actually help him with his English. So I'm excited for this totally new thing I am experiencing. This guy literally has cooked for me every single meal this week and he even is washing my clothes. Besides my mother, I don't think anyone has cooked for me and done my laundry this much! I don't even know what to do but thank him and try to be the best person I can be to him. This guy cooks me food from his home country. It's sooooo good. I'm addicted haha.

Well it is definitely different in the city, a lot cooler too. Literally right by the we are constantly getting a nice cool breeze. Missionary work is different here too. There are more baptisms. The members are willing to help so much with missionary work. We got like 7 referrals this week. We are having a baptism this week and then one a couple more weeks after that. People progress faster here as well because they accept the message here a lot more than in the Bush and also the rumors about the church really isn't a thing here. People will actually come to church if you invite them, unlike the Bush where literally they say "oh I will come, by alll means I will come" then nope they won't ever come haha. I'm excited. It's been a while since I have seen a busy highway. Yup there is one smack dab in the middle of my area. What a joy haha. It makes biking a lot harder. But I haven't seen so many paved roads since I left America and I am right by the temple site too! Even I got to see Elder Hunt today when we went to the temple site to play basketball with these elders, break their ankles, and dunk on them as well. Don't worry, we will teach these guys how to play haha.
Elder Hunt and I

Elder Ngoy and I in Front of the Temple
I guess I'm popular or something. But almost every night missionaries have came to my apartment. In the city, especially where I am, my apartment is in the corner of the area and it borders 2 other areas. So other elders are really close by. When we're all done working we just chill and talk. It's really fun. It's like you get the perks of a 4-man apartment in a 2-man haha.
Party At Our Apartment

We made this tree look WAY better
Well I don't know what else to say besides the fact I am in charge of two areas now. I have a lot of work to do. I am still trying to learn the area and figure out what is going on and trying to adapt to the totally different atmosphere I am in. Continued prayers will be great. Love you all!

Party at the Zone Leader's Apartment

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