Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 37: Bye, Bye Eastern Region and Hello Greater Accra!

Proselyting Group for the Day

Elder Ferrin Reunion--Going Home Tomorrow

So here is the transfer news: My area is being shut down. The Adoagyiri Branch will now have 2 elders there and I will be going to the city. I'm finally out of the bush I think haha! Ferrin told me today you can take a man out of the bush but you can never take away the bush from a man. So we will see what happens. Wilson is being transferred to an area close to mine. Skog, sad to say is moving to the other side of the mission to a place called Winneba haha. I'm sad the Skog-Mcfarland era is over. But as I get older and older on mission I am learning to love the members of the church more and appreciate this Gospel more. I am sad to leave this place but I know God has called me to another place. I'll be going to a place called Dansoman, and my companion is Elder Ngoy. He is from DR Congo and he is like a little over a year on mission, And guess what? companions with ANOTHER district leader lol. 4/5 companions have been district leaders. Come on Prez, what are you trying to prove? But I'm excited. He is my first African companion. So we will see how it goes. I have heard a ton of good things about him.

Young Men Activity

Well I guess the fail moment of the week goes to me haha. The language barrier is real here haha. I am trying so hard to learn the language even though I am supposed to be speaking English. It is always good to know Twi because everyone speaks it. So we go visit this less active member all the way out in the village and at this point I was so confident in my Twi speaking skills. So this woman sounded like she was small sick. So i asked her "wo warri" lol. That was a big mistake. Instead of asking her if she was sick, I was asking her if she was married.... asemo.... The correct way is "wo yarri." Literally one letter and one sound can make a big difference in what something is... it's a good thing I'm going to the city, I guess, where English is more common haha.

My Favorite Kids

This week was literally the first time I have ever witnessed something being dedicated and a great way to end in a Stake. So we had our Stake Center dedicated on Saturday. So many people came to this dedication. It was so cool to see the many members who made that sacrifice to come see this event. My homie Elder Vinson came and did the dedication. Man the Spirit there was so strong. The church is true. It was cool. We did a young men missionary activity a couple hours before the thing started and we just went around and told people about the event that was going on and it was good. We had a good turn out and they even fed us. We even partied small and danced. Ghana is a cool place.

Me and Elder Vinson

Well, I got robbed! My money is missing---about 200 Cedis. Who knows when it happened. I'm just going to drop it and I don't want to blame anyone for anything. Pray that I can make it safely to my new area tomorrow. Talk to you guys next week!

Baptisms Yesterday!

Alex and Mavis' Fam

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