Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 36: Light Bill Probs and Stomach

Eating Chicken Gizzards

Etessen abusua and nnamfo!

Let us all take a moment of silence for this electrical company here in Ghana. I don't think I have ever experienced this much light off in my life. In 4 days, light was off about 38 hours. You would think that they would have mercy on us. But I guess not.

Shout out to myself for winning 3 Risk games in a row this week #three-peat. I don't know why these guys still like to play. I literally win every single game.

Can't Mess Up the Hair From Rain

So it seems like every week is different and a ton can change in such a short time. You could be doing good one day and the next you can't even get out of bed because you wake up with stomach pains...

Since Saturday morning I have been having some problems with my stomach. I noticed it in the morning and went out to go see one person and I needed to come back to the house because the pain got more and more as I kept going,long. So all of Saturday I was in bed. Sunday I was struggling to get through church, but had to go because we have a ton of responsibilities. I came home from church cooked a bunch of rice and stew for everyone and then I was forced to my bed again where I was feeling these pains again. We were planning on going to the mall to enjoy some American food today but I could barely leave the house. I finally decided to stop being stubborn and contact the mission doctor who told me to go buy a certain medicine hoping that it will work. So pray that whatever is bothering me right now can pass through me quick!

Elder Wilson and Me

So with the problems we have had this week I think this one is the funniest. For some odd reason our light bill has not been paid for 8 months and I don't know why. I guess they just wanted to surprise us with this huge 1,377 cedi bill.... well I guess it is up to Macdaddy to solve all of these money problems.... yeah had to call the office and shamefully explain to them that the bill hadn't been paid since early December of last year. So yeah long story short we had to pull out 1,380 cedis to pay this bill. You want to know the sketchy part about this? We had to do 4 transactions because the bank would only give us 10 cedi bills, I was literally carrying around 138 bills but we paid it and returned back safely.

HUGE Light Bill

Wilson and I were talking about some coming home ideas this week at lunch for some reason I think it was on Thursday or something. But I said to him I'm gonna have as many people there as possible and they will make a tunnel and I'll come running through the tunnel giving them high-fives and my fam would be waiting on the other side. It would be epic. He said something funny. He said he could imagine me falling or somebody tripping me and I just take out everyone like bowling pins. I told him II would probably fall because I'm not used to walking on flat surfaces anymore. The ground is rough here. 

So had an incident with the bathroom this week. I'm either buff or Ghana has cheap stuff. I broke the water spout off the wall in the bathroom on Monday night. I was trying to fill a bucket to wash my clothes and boom next thing you know I break this thing off and water is shooting out of this thing full force so much that it knocked me on my butt (I was kneeling down). But i didn't know what to do in this situation so i tried to plug the hole with stuff. But the water destroyed everything I tried to plug the whole with. So I stuck my finger in the hole where the water was coming out. Wilson knocks on the door and says everything alright in there? I say no and said he needs to go outside at cut the water off from our bathroom and that I would explain to him why. So yeah that's just me and my good luck.

"We've got a message that will blow you away."

Well our baptisms stand. We will be holding a service on the 31st of July! Wow it has been way too long since I have baptized someone...4 long months. So we are baptizing 2 people and the other guys as well have 2 and we are having a child or record baptism as well (which wouldn't have happened without us). This branch we are in have seen 6 baptisms in the 4 and a half months we have been in the area and that's more than they have seen in a year. I am so excited.

Elder Skog Looking Like Cat Woman

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