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Week 35: Doubled Our Investigator Pool? What? Happy 8 Months to Me! 1/3 of the Way Done Fam!

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Light off every single day this week. It just came back after about 16 or so hours off today... You would think they would figure it out by now but whatevs it's cool. So yeah happy 8 months to me! Right now I'm 1/3 of the way done. It is going by so fast for me!
Shirt From the Beginning of My Mission

So right now the struggle in Adoagyiri is Relief Society less activity. There has been a ton of pressure on us. I guess the branch thinks us missionaries have a PhD in counseling or psychology. I don't know what it is called. As of matter of fact, this happens all the time. Some people in the branch argue. Then one stops coming or people get mad because nobody visits them when they are sick; just little stuff like that. But it is especially with the Relief Society here in Adoagyriri. 

For instance I'll share an experience: We were going to visit this less active woman named Sister Joyce. I was kinda thinking in my head what she needed to learn about and I was trying to kinda figure out maybe why she had gone less active. The spirit prompted me after we said the prayer to talk about forgiveness. I pulled out my handy dandy Bible and opened up to a page trying to find something on forgiveness and in my Bible my marker was at Matthew Chapter 18 and I had verses 23-35 marked, and what do you know it was a story Jesus gave on repentance. Whaaaaaat? Kinda creepy small. But I know that is what she needed to hear. Wilson shared a very good experience about forgiveness about the people on his robotics team pretty much told him to leave and went on to win this big competition and stuff and how it was hard for him to forgive them. Then I went back and shared verses 21-22. Kinda a neat lesson that was totally guided by the Spirit.


Speaking of the Spirit guiding, I also come to another experience this week. We were teaching our investigator the importance of prayer. Now this is the first time I have ever shared this experience with anyone before. Nobody back home has ever heard this experience from me before. So I explained to our investigator that I didn't really know the situation; maybe I came home from work or I just decided to stay up late. But all I know is that everyone was asleep but me and dad. I decided that I finally needed to go to sleep so I turn off the TV, lock the front door and everything, and walk by to say goodnight to dad and I noticed that he was on his knees in prayer. Obviously I didn't want to disturb him and his prayer. So I went to my room. As soon as I got to my room I had an impression that I needed to do the same. So I did. I remember moving crap out of the way on the floor so I could kneel in prayer. I don't remember what is it I prayed for. I remember the overwhelming power of the Spirit. Everyone, prayers work and God truly does listen to our prayers.

Family We Are Teaching

Well, we have struggled with one of our investigators to come to church, like she wants to be baptized and she knows everything is true. Now I think I earned the award for most savage lesson of the week which consisted of Matthew 7:15-21, Matthew 24:24, Galatians 1:6-12 and last but not least 1 Nephi 14:9-13! It worked!  She took it very well and actually came to church. So pray for her haha.

Exchanges With My District Leader Elder Koetting

So one of these days sometime this week this guy Wilson decides he wants to take a nap at lunch. So I'm like okay I'll take one for the team and keep track of time so that we can go back out on time. So I realize it's time to go. So I run over (our room is huge) to Wilson and wake him up and told them hurry up it's time to go. I guess I didn't really notice and he didn't either. But this guy forgot to button his top two buttons back on his shirt and his tie was loosened to his chest. So we get to our appointment on time and it wasn't until after this appointment we noticed that this had happened. The worst thing about is NOBODY SAID ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

Banku and Okro Soup

So this is a funny conversation I had with an 8 year old on Friday. This kid's name is Obama and he is 8, and a member.  

Me:  "obama tum tum" (black black) 
Obama: "I'm not tum tum" 
Me: "then what are you coco?" (fair)
Obama:  "no I'm chocolate"

You had to be there. But this was the funniest conversation I have had with a child before.

Pounding Fufu

Oh by the way right now our investigator pool has grown and doubled this week. We have 14! The work is seriously progressing here in Adoagyriri. We are having 2 baptisms on the 31st of this month. I am excited. It has been too long!

Mom's Favorite Picture This Week

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