Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 34: Lots of Questions and Answers

1. Does you new mission president have specific things that he'd like you to focus on?  


2. How's the rain? Do you wear your normal shoes when it's wet?

It literally only rained once this week on Saturday and I was wearing my sandals.

3. Have you been having contact with your MTC district? How is everyone doing?

Everyone is great.

4. How are your glasses holding up? Have you had to fix them?

Yeah just the nose piece things.

5. How are your shirts holding up? Are you still washing clothes in a bucket? What soap do you use?

 LOL they are yellow small but yeah I still hand wash... I use Powerzone and Saba washing powder.

6.  Did you get something to eat in the city today?

I had a sub sandwich today at the new place that opened up at the mall. It is from America.
I had a Chipotle Chicken sub with jalapenos! First time in Ghana.

Pulling Up Casava for Banku

7.  Are all versions of Twi the same or are there dialects? Do you speak anything else?

It's like in America where we have people speaking English but we sound different, like maybe you are from the North or South and sound different.

8.  How has the power been this week?

Power was out all night a couple of nights. It went off plenty during the day.

9.  How many lessons did you teach this week?

We taught 26 lessons this week.

10.  How are you eating?

 We ate 20 times this week half of that was Banku.

Eating Banku

11. What hymns did you use this week with your lessons?

We sang Hymn #26 (Joseph Smith's First Prayer) and Hymn #27 to our investigators after teaching the Restoration and sang "How Great Thou Art" to a blind less active man. 

12. So do you have AC in the apartment or just fans?

What's AC? I haven't seen some in Ghana before LOL..... just a fan...

13. So has the rain slowed down?

Yeah it has rained twice in 2 weeks...

14. What are the nights like? 

It's like 70 degrees and I freeze to death. I use my sleeping bag as a blanket.

Got Milk?


Well we have just received word that some members' children have not been baptized. So we are working on them. I guess there is some hope for this area! 

Every time we go to this one guy's house he just wants us to chastise his son for being stubborn. It's like he wants me to be the parent haha. But I have to assure him that everything will be good and that the teachings will help him become a better son. I told the father just to be the best example for his son as possible. 

People really do look up to us missionaries here. It is super weird.

I Can Cook!


This week's letter from his mission president:

Dear Elder McFarland,

Yes the Lord really is mindful of us and he does answer our prayers. Patience is a Christlike Attribute that we all need to work at but it will come with time. 

Remember to "have courage to change the things we can change, patience with the things we can't change, and the wisdom to know the difference".

Thank you for sharing your experience and I look forward to hearing how she progresses. 

The Lord is definitely in this work.

I do remember the selfie :)

Have a great week. We love and pray for you.

Pres. Simpson

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