Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 33: Because This is Africa


Oh where to begin?

So I was proselyting this week and I was just thinking to myself it is funny how parenting actually works, who knew? I don't remember why I thought this but it was something that my dad had taught me. I guess you don't really understand why or what your parents are trying to teach you, or maybe you don't even know they taught you until you leave and kinda have to figure things out for yourselves. I am grateful for my parents and their sacrifice. I'm thankful that they have raised me in the Gospel and taught me the ways young so I can grow up to the person I am right now. Lastly, I am grateful that they have put up with my crap all those years. You guys are awesome! I guess technically I am the lab rat for you guys right now! Haha

3 Gingers in the Zone

Sickness update: I was sick Wednesday.

Elder Wiscombe and Me

So funny experience of the week; okay well I have a couple. So, first of all everyone knows I am not a morning person. Well Wilson went to go take a shower and I had already eaten my bread for breakfast cuz this is Africa. Koetting comes into our room and locks the bathroom door from the outside. So Wilson was trapped in the bathroom. So he thought this would be a funny joke and it kind of was. Let's just say the lock to our bathroom decided to stop working...again, this is Africa. The key was stuck and it would not move and Koetting was trying so hard to do something like get the key out or turn it or something. I was just chilling in bed reading a Conference talk just wondering why this guy was in my room messing with my door, not being the most happy person in the morning haha. Eventually we found another key. So we gave it to him under the door and that one got stuck in the other side. Then Wilson broke the key in half trying to get it off... the struggle. I finally decided to help and pull the key out from outside. But there was no point to trying anything else because the key was broken inside the door from the inside. We tried to disassemble the lock but we couldn't because one screw was so stripped because this is Africa.  But this didn't help the fact that the door was still technically locked... I then said Koetting and Wilson move out of the way I am busting down this door. That was the last resort. So yeah, I busted down a door and saved my companion from our ghetto creepy bathroom. The thing is our door is still functional. I just needed to bend the locky thingies back so the door could shut. So I went outside and found a big rock and bent them. I guess you can say I fix thing by hitting them hard.

The Locked Bathroom

Well, I had a fail moment. Let's just say I bike too hard... We were biking out to this village. Now the bike ride there doesn't suck because it is mostly downhill, but the ride back sucks and there is this monster hill we have to climb before getting back the the church area. So we get to this small downhill before the monster hill. I switch my bike to the highest gear and try to get the most speed I could get to conquer this thing and as I start to climb this hill I forgot to change my gear to a lower gear so my chain broke in 2 different places. How it that even possible? Moral of the story: remember to switch your gears often. You're welcome.

Ofankor and Tesano Zones

We had a meeting with the new mission president and his wife. They are the Simpsons! Last week I said I would get a selfie with the mission prez? Well, I got it! They are super cool people! We got to learn about them and their family. In the meeting it really uplifted me spiritually when they talked about repentance and how to teach it better. But the discussion turned into how we can become better as missionaries. This guy is inspired and I bet that it was his purpose coming to this mission was asking how these missionaries can be more effective. So I was happy. To celebrate our upliftment, Skog and I bought sparkling cider. It was nice. Some quotes from the meeting were "It's hard when you work at it easy, easy when you work at it hard." and a quote from President Simpson "This life is about what you can become. Your mission is the best 2 years for your life."

Selfie with President Simpson (as promised)

The lord truly does prepare people! Well we on our way to a meeting and my companion sits next to this lady in the trotro and begins to talk to her and it started because we were being friendly with the kids instead of just not minding them. The church was brought up. Now I was surprised that Wilson could figure out where she stayed just off of description. Usually I have to do that stuff (He must have his father's sense of direction!) But he did it. We did forget to get her number. We were able to meet with her on Saturday night and have a really nice discussion. We learned that she is a school teacher and she is working on her Masters degree. She is a very educated woman and we will be working closely with her because she can really benefit the ward!

Skog shared a funny experience this week. He said he brought some pass along cards to pass out on his trip here to Ghana. He said he didn't hand any out. He said he just put them in the bathroom in the plane. His reason for this was as people were using the restroom, they can learn about the Gospel. We all thought this was hilarious.

Elder Skog and the Sparkling Cider "Upliftment"

Well, I have always had a strong testimony on the principle of prayer. But on Saturday you know I was in a really bad mood because I had a bad sunburn, and we were running so behind on our schedule. Ever since I came on mission, timeliness is something I have been good at and I get frustrated when we aren't on time. Patience is obviously something I have a hard time with. But I don't remember what my companion was doing. But I decided I just needed to say a prayer and ask the Lord for a better attitude and for patience. And the rest of the day after that I was in such a good mood and we had the most power lessons I have had in a long time. For the day we ended up teaching 8 lessons. The Lord answers prayers! We were able to turn the day around due to us being late and I was able to gain a better attitude!


Thanks for all the support! Continued prayers would be nice. This stuff is hard!

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