Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 32: Package, Power Off and Golf Shirt

Me With a Bunch of Kids
Wow, ECG likes to mess with our sleep too much. How are they going to turn off light for 3 whole nights this week? At least do it during the day when I am not in the house... Man... I guess the good part about it is that even though I was getting destroyed by mosquitoes, I didn't get Malaria. 

Well I had a pretty good birthday for being in a foreign country. The other guys treated me with ice cream and some roasted ground nuts! I guess I would say the highlight of the week was when I got my 30 pound package. You know how hard this thing was to get home? And is it weird that I got even more excited about the package when I saw that there was an Apocrypha in it? Nope not at all. Shout out to my parents for being awesome and sending me it. Let's just say I will now become fat again! BTW, I ate the whole bag of Sour Patch Kids in one sitting! My mouth was sore for days! I think the 2nd highlight of the week was when i got a call from Sister Snow. You know whenever you get a call from the Mission President's wife you still get kinda nervous, no matter how good you are. But I answered the phone all nervous and stuff for some reason and when she said "Hello Elder McFarland, I am embarrassed" I'm thinking to myself oh crap what did I do. So I ask her "What are you embarrassed about?" and she said "I missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday." I just start laughing and we have a good conversation.

Birthday Treat

So we have an hour for lunch right? So it was my birthday and I was feeling tired at around lunch time. So I took a nap for like 30 minutes. But first i ate my food super fast. So I got a missed call from Elder Ferrin. When I woke up I called him back. I said "Sorry I missed your call. I was sleeping" he said "MacDaddy it's your birthday. Go back to sleep." I just start dying man. Sometimes you just need to take a nap in the middle of the day haha, especially here in Ghana haha

People I have served around are starting to go home! I forgot to call Elder Barnes on the day before transfers but he called me on my birthday to wish me a happy birthday. He is my very good friend who right now is enjoying America. My old companions are about to go home as well. Elder Ferrin goes home in 5 weeks and Lewis-reese goes home in 11 weeks. I think that is when time will fly by for me!

Me and Elder Koetting on Exchanges

The things I say in lessons. So I was teaching the Plan of Salvation. My favorite lesson to teach! And guess how I explained the judgment? So with Ghanians sometimes it is hard for them to understand some things. So you have to explain it differently. So I said that when we are judged it's like we will be with God and Jesus and they will essentially watch a video about your life, because we know that we will be judged on our work, thoughts, and desires. So I said maybe here or there they will pause this movie and say here you have done well and maybe another time they will say oh you were foolish here.... I think they really understood judgment when I explained it that way.

Well we brought back out the Risk game because we were getting bored of Monopoly and guess what? ya boi MacDaddy finished these elders and made them look like small girls. I started off by taking out Skog. Man this guy cannot role dice to save his life. If you asked him to roll something higher then a 3 he probably couldn't do it, even if his life depended on it. I always get a kick out of attacking him. Then I was picking on my companion small, every turn just attacking his continent and always winning.

Right now we are struggling with getting people to church on time. Our investigators always make it after Sacrament Meeting. All 4 of them come late every single time. So we are trying to motivated them to start coming on time. So pray for us I beg! Let's just say I might be in this area for a while!

Proselyting Squad

So I'm with Lambson right now. I ask this guy if he likes my shirt and all official I say "Yeah it is a Nike golf shirt" he says "Sweet where did you find it?" I said that I got it in my package and he asks "Did you golf back home?" and I said no and we just start laughing

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