Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 31: 7 Months and Happy Birthday to Me!


I found swords!

Yo shout out to my parents who celebrated their anniversary this week. Shout out to my brother who is now old enough to date and drive,letter. He turned 16 this week! Shout out to Allen Jr. He had his birthday this week as well. You are becoming an old man! And shout out to all the fathers out there. Happy Father's Day. Y'all the real MVPs. And shout out to me. I'm turning 19 tomorrow! I'm thankful for cool Zone Leaders who will be going to pick my package tomorrow from the office and bringing it to me!

The things they put on cars...

So here is transfer news: our whole zone is staying the same! Fake.

Elder Wilson made me laugh on Friday. I always give him a hard time because he makes too much noise in the morning when he wakes up and I get irritated small. He shared with me Proverbs Chapter 27:10, like I forgot exactly what it said but you just had to be there. It is funny.

Free Meal

For a celebration of my birthday/ 7 months, we burnt an old mold mattress that was just sitting outside the apartment for months. So that was fun. Also ate ice cream and cookies because this is Africa and we all have those days where we just need ice cream. I can finally say I'm old on mission? or?

Well Elder Skog and I went on exchanges the other day as you can tell by our legendary pictures and our unusual amount of happiness haha. But that day was a good day I would say. We taught a lot of keep the Sabbath Day holy lessons because that is a big issue for members here, haha. Don't mess with Skog and the Sabbath Day he will finish you haha. But this guy has a strong testimony about the Sabbath Day and he even helped strengthen mine as well. So overall it was a good day besides the fact I biked about 50 miles to a place called Signboard (??) and almost died.

Well I don't know what else to share. I kinda had an idea of what I wanted to say but light has been fake today...

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