Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 30: Long Week!

Me and President Snow

The quote of the week comes from my dear friend Elder Skog:  "Get your walrus arms off me." 

Well, the other day he was sleeping and I went to go wake him up and this is what he said. After he said it, we both looked at each other and just busted out laughing. I haven't heard that one in a while! 

Big bugs!

Oh what do I even talk about?

SO much rain that we were stuck at church for awhile

Well is it bad that I participated in a bible bashing? Like I feel bad...But at the same time I have to help a homie out. So there was this Trotro Preacher that was preaching on the bus. And this guy is preaching and all and what does he do? Lets people ask questions about the "Gospel". Come on man--- rookie move. In Ghana you can't do that or people will finish you. So yeah this preacher starts getting finished. The whole time I was praying that this guy doesn't bring me into this.... and what do you know he turns to me and says "Help me, I beg."  I asked him what everyone in the bus was making noise about and it just so happened there were a ton of Oda people on the bus, yes my favorite kind of people to teach. He told me they were finishing him about the Sabbath Day. I stood up and asked a question: What is the purpose of the Sabbath? Somebody answers "to worship Jesus." I'm like okay you are on the right track. I asked another question: "What day was Jesus resurrected on?" People said Sunday. So I said alright the purpose for the Sabbath is to rest from our labors and remember the Savior. The Savior died on a Friday and was resurrected on a Sunday. I opened up to 1 Corinthians 16:2 and Acts 20:7 and explained the Apostles changed it to Sunday to remember the Savior, then explained the importance of living as we should of the Sabbath Day. They sat down and nobody else said another word. I felt kinda bad but I guess it was good because a bunch of people wanted to know more about the church.
Out in the Bush

Pizza Hut brings happiness

You know this week I have been applying something that my old boss Adrian had taught me. Work smarter, not harder. Yes as missionaries we are supposed to work hard. But if you have resources you should use them. I have still been going out to work but we are having members go teach our investigators. It is a genius idea. Well I didn't know until this week that we had an missionary couple in Nsawam. President made it clear to us that they would help us work on the less actives in Nsawam/Adoagyiri. Well, they bought Pizza Hut for us. Man I was a happy camper (again this phrase applies to this mission). They dropped 200 Cedis (about $50) on us. I am loved! Or maybe they just feel bad for us? haha

Man this week has been fake. So me and Skog have this joke right? Every time it starts to rain the light goes off. Now we thought this was just a coincidence. But it is a real thing. ECG wants to take advantage of the fact that it is cooler when it rains so they can take the light. So literally every single time it has rained this week light has went off.... and it has been raining like half the week... pray for us haha. When I grow up I want to work at ECG. It sounds fun--- sitting in a room with a bunch of levers switching on and off the lights all day, I only like it because of the fact that I can totally mess with people!

Well on the subject of rain I'll share with you my dumb moment of the week: So you would think that since it has been raining a lot I would think to shut my windows. But no I'm dumb, lol. How will I ever survive in the real world? Well yeah you might kinda guess what happened and it didn't happen just once, but twice... My bed is right by the window.... Yes it got soaked....twice. Let's just say I have been sleeping on the floor with my sleeping bag (shout out to dad). I guess that's what happens when you are stupid.

Well, we had a Zone Conference this week. and that was the day I drank my first Monster in 7 months. Mother would be proud :) Well let's just say that again for the second time I will be the mission's guinea pig. So president told us that in Adoagyiri there are no area boundaries anymore. So we have 4 missionaries to 1 area. So this will be interesting. haha Wish me luck as I undergo a new phase in my mission haha!
Okanfor Zone

So Saturday night we had so much fun! I learned how to make Banku and Pepe, and also fried fish. Let me say I feel good about myself because we fed an entire family and ourselves as well. This is the kind stuff I will remember for the rest of my mission. I felt so happy! I built greater friendships with people!

Good week. I'm really happy right now. Let's hope I keep this good attitude!

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