Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 22 Part 2: Oh Ghana Part 2

OK here we go with part 2.

So I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow in Accra right after the District Council Meeting.  I’m going to figure out what really is wrong with my hands and what is going to get rid of it once and for all because it is causing me a whole lot of pain.

This week I was in charge of the instruction in District Council Meeting. Yes it may seem like I am always doing the instruction. But honestly the instructions at that meeting are super important because it is the time you have a chance to share your knowledge with the people in the district, and honestly I love teaching. It’s fun. But the zone leaders challenged me this week to talk about Jesus Christ!  Ha what an easy thing to talk about. I read from Preach My Gospel, from the Liahona and did some activities. Honestly, teaching these instructions has really helped my teaching skyrocket.  My challenge to them this week was to look at the Christlike Attributes section in Preach My Gospel and pick one of those attributes to work on. Then I will report on everyone tomorrow. So that is that.

So we are learning more and more about our investigators. This week we found out that our investigator owns 3 different companies in Accra---pretty much a cold store provider. A cold store is where you can get any type of meat you want and sometimes they sell it in bulk. This week she wanted to give us something. Lewis and I were sketched out a bit and when we got to her house she gave to us about 80 Cedis (About $21) worth of chicken (which is about 6 chickens) for free. At first we didn't want to take it but here in Ghana if you don't, people will get offended and I'm not trying to lose this investigator. Our freezer is full of chicken. Let me tell you, we will be enjoying for the next couple of weeks.

We had the first StakeConference in the Ofankor Stake on Sunday!  Yes it is a new stake! It was a long day we left the house about 6 am. Traffic was so much. You think Texas has bad traffic. All I’m saying is you don’t know bad until you come witness the traffic here. It took us a while to get there because of the rain and stuff. But eventually we got there and I got front row seats. Haha, coming on a mission has made me really enjoy those kind of meetings because I think back home I had a bad attitude about them. But some really nice things were said. I enjoy the talks that Ghanaians give. There is just a different spirit to them. Our mission president and his wife spoke at the conference as well. This stake even has a patriarch now!  The church sure is growing here! 

On P-day, we had another early morning because we had a zone activity. So we made our way to the Achimota Ward building. As soon as I got there, I started to play basketball because ball is life. Maybe I’ll join the NBA when I get back. But shout out to the sisters for grilling the massive amount of chicken we had. So I played some soccer too. It’s annoying playing with white people because they don’t know how to play. So I was on the same team as our Zone Leader Elder Vandy. I was in position for him to cross (pass?) it to me. Next thing you know, this guy kicks the ball as hard as he could to me and you want to know where it hit me? Yes I bet you can guess.... and I just dropped to the ground. I’m pretty sure you could hear it from a mile away. Lol the sisters are just making fun of me and the elders just feel the pain I’m in haha. From fear of sunburn, I went inside and  I played Risk. I’m telling you I’m good at that game now. Overall it was a good day. We even stopped at the mall to eat some ice cream (yes, there is ice cream here).

So that was pretty much my week! Talk to you guys next week.

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