Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 22 Part 1: Oh Ghana!

No pics this week. Sorry!

So first thing I would like to report on is that I finally found somewhere to weigh myself. So here it is. I weighed myself in the MTC and I was pushing 300. I don't know exactly where I was at. All I know
is that it was too much!  So as of right now, I weigh 240 pounds haha. That is a big difference in 5 months. I can’t wait to see what the future brings! I will come back with a beach body haha. I  wish. But anyway, here is what happened this week.

Let me rant about something and then tell you about the good things that happened haha. So the amount of speed bumps in this country is toooo real. Like I don't understand what good it is going to do to have 3 bumps back to back to back 1 foot apart from each other when they honestly could be using that cement to fill in all of the pot holes this country has! I just say this because honestly I was getting sick riding over all of those speed bumps. ©

You know this is a peaceful country when a small girl about 2 years old can walk hundreds of yards and just walks into our house without anyone touching her and saying anything to her. I think that would be a little dangerous in America just saying. So another touching experience I had this week and it didn't even occur to me at the time. But I looked to the left and I saw this man who couldn't use his legs trying to peddle up the hill with his arms. Next thing you know I see this guy pushing him up this hill. This just builds my testimony of the friendliness and the humbleness of these people here. I love this place.

I will finish the email tomorrow. This guy wants to close up his shop. I didn't get a chance to email Prez. So I have to do it tomorrow anyway....the struggle.


Maybe pics will come tomorrow…3 weeks to talking to him (he says Skype or Facetime). I will be overjoyed with a phone call (or 10 depending on how many times we get cut off)!  J  

I am really worried about the fungal infection on his hands.  It is getting worse and he says that there are blisters now.  Extra prayers, please! 


Christi Kovach said...

Praying for his hands and anything and everything else he needs !
We sure love Elder McFarland ! He is doing a great job !!!

Gary Flanagan said...

It is an amazing thing to be an outsider looking on and seeing the love grow within a missionaries for the people they serve. I am so happy that Elder McFarland is having this experience.

Aleisha Smith said...

Allen, you look great. We miss you so much. It's looks like you are doing some awesome work out there. Keep it up, then come home to all of us waiting for you!!! I hope you are great! See you soon