Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 23: Fell Off My Bike...Twice!

So this email is going to be shorter this week because I sent pictures home.

Chicken Given by Investigator- See Last Week's Post
I played basketball today. I didn't want to ball too hard because I didn't want to make these elders feel bad. Nah lol jk. But I did pretty well. We won like 4 games of 4 on 4. So I’m happy. Literally I’m dead tired. But went 15-24, I think for 22 points (we count a 2 point shot as 1 and a 3 point shot as 2 points so do the math). I can’t do math anymore. I have been in Ghana too long. We went to the mall, had ice cream, then went to circle... the biggest market in the Accra area. You can get anything like Vans shoes all the way to iPhone  6's.
P-Day Basketball in Accra

KFC in Accra

So we figured out the problem with my hands and I am a happy camper! (which totally applies to this mission because it is a campout pretty much). So I’m one of those rare people who actually get the side effects from Doxy (Malaria meds) Yay! But for real it sucks like the Doxy makes my skin extra sensitive to the sun, and I don't need that because I am a ginger! Sometimes I wonder why the church sends gingers to Ghana. The church is true! But yeah now that I have stopped the Doxy and have changed medicine I’m having inflammatory issues for some reason. I guess it happens. Instead of dark red rash thing (but it isn’t really a rash. I don’t understand that part either) It’s turning light pick and even white. So the cream should get rid of the white rash looking thing I have. The moral of this story, don’t come to Ghana because it messes up your body! 

His Hands- 5 Days Ago

But as you can tell by the subject of this week I’m kinda sick of my bike to be honest.  Drivers here are not serious at all... so I’m riding on the side of the road minding my business and next thing you know this trotro is pulling off the side of the road and runs me off the road. Thank goodness for helmets am I right? But yeah there was a bunch of gravel so I definitely tore up my hand and my knee. But thank goodness  I didn't hurt anything else haha. But the second time I fell off my bike this week is because apparently I don't know how to brake. So we are on our way to a member and when we get there I am trying to brake and my bike doesn't want to slow down. So yeah fell of my bike and took out a tree while I was at it! Oh the joy of serving a mission in the Ghana Accra West Mission!

Well I think it is set. We will have a baptism this Sunday. I think I am so excited because she really loves the church and she can really help the branch grow because they really need leaders. The past missionaries tended to baptize children and they go less active; it’s not good. So we made it a goal to focus on people who could really help the branch. Dang that sounds bad but you all know what I mean. 
Playing Risk- He's RED

Well I guess this is all I need to talk about this week. Enjoy the pics and enjoy America for me. I’ll be back in 19 months! I’m so grateful to be a missionary here! I’m looking forward to my time I have left here. The experiences I’m having here are definitely going to have an everlasting effect on me and has given me a special appreciation for this church that I have never had before!  I love you guys. Be safe!

Elder Vandy- Zone Leader

I'm so glad they are figuring out his hand discomfort!  Thanks for all the prayers offered in his behalf.

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