Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 3: LOOONG Flight to Ghana

Elder McFarland started this morning at 7:30 am with a report to MTC Travel Office.

They shuttled 8 missionaries to the airport and arrived there happy and ready to go.

4 of the 8 Missionaries Headed to Ghana

We talked for a bit on the phone and realized that we should have taught him about how calling cards work. We got cut off early on (probably my fault).  We called him back.  He thought that the time would shut off soon.  We tried to explain that we called him and that it's not taking away minutes.  Then he wondered how we knew what number to call. I laughed as I told him that his number came up on the phone.  It was a hilarious exchange.

He's feeling better although he has a voice like mine---- nonexistent!  He's excited to get there and see what Africa has to offer and what he can do.

We are tracking the flights and are anxious to hear when he arrives.  2 hours to San Francisco, 11 hours to Amsterdam, and 6 hours to Ghana. Brutal for him and me! 
This is so nerve-wracking!

Going to be a long night and day tomorrow!  So proud of what he's doing.  He's going to be great!

More later...Stay tuned.

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