Friday, December 4, 2015

He's Headed to Africa...SOON!

Hello all! 

We have had a change of flight plans for the second time. I would imagine that it is the final change. We fly from Salt Lake City to San Francisco to Amsterdam to Accra, Ghana. We will leave Sunday instead of Tuesday.

This week has been a rough week.I have been battling a cold for almost a week now. I hope I get better before going to Africa because that will not be pretty! [He said that he's lost 15 pounds!!]

We also will be traveling together with 7 missionaries now so that is a blessing. 

This week went by so fast!  We are teaching a new person now but we miss Jonathon so much because he gave us a challenge. We are teaching a Korean person who just came to America and was recently married to a member of the church. It is definitely awesome having a member teach your investigator as well. 

If you guys haven't seen the new Christmas video the church sent out, I would advise you to do so. We all got the chills while watching it and it is just so powerful you can feel the Spirit. It's hard not being home for the holidays but I know that I am doing the right thing. 

Since we are getting closer to leaving, I just want to say that my stay here at the MTC went by so fast and I grew closer to a ton of people and have made a ton of friends.

I am super sad that I'm leaving.  The only thing that would have made it a little bit more enjoyable is if I wasn't sick for the last week. But you can still feel the Spirit, and I feel good because even though I have been sick I have been pushing through. 

Yesterday after we met with our investigator we went back to the residence so I could rest. I woke up this morning feeling better than I have all week so that was cool. Also when we went to the temple again. We also ate breakfast at the temple and literally was the best food I have had since i have been in Utah!

I also appreciate everyone's support and I am thankful so many people care about what I'm doing.  I am truly amazed. I appreciate everyone letting me know whats going on.  I would personally like to hear how everyone is doing. That would mean a lot. 

Earlier this week I got a letter from Brother Martinez and I just want to personally thank him for the things that were said. It really made me happy, and really encouraged me!

Have Papaw and other family tell me how they're doing.

[Please send an email if you get a second.  He would really appreciate it! I'll get more details up soon about how to send a paper letter.  He would love those, too.]


Kenneth mcfarland said...

Looking good lil mack! Very excited for all the adventures and memories you are going to have and make. Your Aunt Kerry and I are so proud of the adult you are turning out to be! I love you very much your uncle Kenny

Ian Elrod said...

Allen. What's up man? So sorry I wasn't in town to see you off. Jacob and I miss you man. Your like another brother to us. I'll try and get a lil something sent to you for Christmas. I don't know how fast it will get there but just know I'm looking out for you over here. I also need to know if possible a shipping address. I'm so proud of you as well. See you soon brother. Love ya ✌��️