Monday, December 7, 2015


No word if he's at the Mission Home.  I'm sure that he is.  

When I asked him if he had slept on the flight from San Francisco to Amsterdam, his response was, "We met a guy going to Nigeria, gave him a Book of Mormon and talked for most the night."

That touched my heart. My missionary is ready!  Not sure his mom is. :-)  The interesting thing is that when I was on the missionary side, I was so ready to do it too!  I never thought about how hard it was for my family (especially my mom) back home.  So I am gaining another level of appreciation for the sacrifice of my mom during my time as a missionary (and many times before and after that).

I was reading a post from a missionary who has been out for a year in Ghana Accra West and he talked of training and how excited he is:

  "This next week will be great. I'm excited to get a new guy tomorrow.  I will go pick him up. As I explained to my mother about how that happens: they arrive tonight (the new missionaries) pres told me. In the morning he interviews them and at that interview he decides who trains who. Then once we are at transfers we go to a meeting and he calls us all one by one and then says our companions. Like it's super sweet but for new guys... it's quite scary. So it'll be fun!"

Then he posted a picture including former missionaries that have been trained by other elders.

He said that the 3 spaces were for the "new guys."  One of those spaces could be filled by Elder McFarland in the morning.  I'm anxious to hear if his trainer is one of these elders or who it will be.

Hoping (and praying) for a little email in the morning telling me a couple of things...Hoping (and praying) the jet lag isn't unbearable...Hoping (and praying) for a good night's rest for these new missionaries.

Feel free to email him:

I know it would mean a lot to him!  

Thanks so much for all your support and the prayers.  They have been felt today!  

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